Community discussion of prop-120

The Open Policy Meeting at APNIC 44 in Taichung, Taiwan discussed prop-120: Final /8 pool exhaustion plan.

The following is a summary of the discussion and posts to the mailing list as prepared by the APNIC Secretariat.

This proposal is for a planned approach to the exhaustion of the Final /8 pool. It involves reverting APNIC resource management to a single free pool. It does not alter the amount of address space Members may receive from APNIC, but it does give waiting list preference to new Members.

There was strong support for the idea of a proposal for post-exhaustion arrangements after the Final /8, however, discussions regarding this proposal raised a number of issues that highlighted divergent points of view from the community.

  • Should two separate pools and two waiting lists be maintained with the current policy for each maintained, or should there be only a single pool?
  • Should the existing Recovered Pool waiting list be retained after the Final /8 exhaustion, or should it be retained?
  • If the Recovered Pool waiting list is retained, should new accounts be given priority over those (existing Members) already on the list?
  • There were differences of opinion about whether new accounts could apply for a /22 or a /21 of address space.
  • There were questions about the effect of the five-year transfer restriction on 103/8 space (prop-116) and whether this would apply to the combined pool.