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Current (approved at APNIC 48):

The Policy SIG charter is to develop policies which relate to the management and use of Internet  number resources within the Asia Pacific region. These include policies for resource allocation, recovery and transfer, and for resource registration within whois, reverse DNS, RPKI and related services.


The Policy SIG charter is to develop policies and procedures which relate to the management and use of Internet address resources by APNIC, NIRs, and ISPs within the Asia Pacific region.

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A SIG, or Special Interest Group, is an open forum for the community to discuss topics of interest. There are no entry requirements to participate in the activity of the APNIC Policy SIG.

You don’t “join” a Special Interest Group, you participate in it. The first step to participation is usually to subscribe to the mailing list.

The Policy SIG uses a consensus process to develop policies that all APNIC and NIR members are required to follow. You participate in the consensus process by supporting or objecting to proposed policy changes; either on the mailing list, or during the Open Policy Meetings at APNIC Conferences.

You may also like to participate by becoming a proposal author and submit a suggestion to change APNIC policy, or take a leadership role and become a Chair, or Co-Chair, of the Policy SIG.

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About the Acting Chair

NameBertrand Cherrier
TenureAPNIC 49 – APNIC 51

I have been a sysadmin for an ISP in New Caledonia for more than fifteen years, I’ve attended every APRICOT and APNIC meetings since 2011. Founder of the GULNC and recently of the NCNog (which starts very slowly), even though we have enough IPv4, I’m encouraging the adoption of IPv6 for all users which, with the help of our local telco, should hopefully happen this year… I’m not better than anyone, but because of the size and location of New Caledonia, my aim will always be towards what’s good for our community; and now that I have someone to back me up on my daily job, I will have more time for R&D and our community. With Andy, Masato and now Sumon as examples to follow, and with your support, I am willing and ready to serve our community to the best I can.

About the Co-Chair

NameChing-Heng Ku
TenureAPNIC 49 – APNIC 53

I am so honored to be nominated as the APNIC Policy SIG Co-Chair. I have actively participated in the APNIC meetings since the APNIC 18th in 2004. Also, I was the chair of the NIR Hostmaster workshop and the Co-Chair of the DB SIG, NIR SIG, and Policy SIG in APNIC meeting. I have been taking in charge of the IP Policy research and Number Resources Services at the TWNIC. All the experiences mentioned above polished my abilities and capabilities not only in professional fields but also to cultivate the leadership. I am willing to accept the responsibility of SIG Co-Chair and put my best effort to commit myself to serve the APNIC community. I hope to have your support to serve as the Policy SIG Co-Chair.