prop-028: Abolishing IPv6 per address fee for NIRs

Proposal textText
SynopsisThis is a proposal to revise the NIR fee structure by setting a per allocation fee charged to NIRs (indirectly to NIR members) at a reasonable level including when NIRs make a large allocation to their members, by setting an upper limit to the fee.
Current statusFollowing 8 week comment period, the Chair observed that consensus had not been reached and suggested further discussion.
AuthorNIR fee WG
Relevant forumNIR SIG
Most recent versionprop-028-v001
Previous versionsN/A
Status at other RIRsN/A

Proposal history

4 April 2005Announced to mailing list
7 September 2005Consensus reached at APNIC 19 NIR SIG and AMM
21 September 2005 – 16 November 2005

8 week final call for comments