prop-031: Proposal to amend APNIC IPv6 assignment and utilisation requirement policy

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This is a proposal to amend the end site assignment points with the addition of a further assignment size, amendment of the description of the applicability of the assignment sizes, the evaluation threshold value, and the method of calculating end-site assignment efficiency.

Current status

Implemented in conjunction with prop-033-v001.


Stephan Millet, Geoff Huston

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Proposal history



11 August 2005

Version 1 announced to mailing list

8 September 2005

Proposal element to amend the IPv6 HD ratio from 0.8 to 0.94 of version reached consensus at APNIC 20 Policy SIG and AMM

  • Consensus element documented in version 2 of the proposal. Other elements of did not reach consensus.

21 September 2005 – 16 November 2005

Version 2 in 8 week final call for comments

25 November 2005

Endorsed by EC

12 February 2006

Amendment of HD ratio adopted by ARIN Board of Trustees

9 February 2007

Draft documentation released:

The call for editorial comments closed 9 March 2007.

19 March 2007

Implemented in conjunction with prop-033-v001