prop-030: Deprecation of reverse DNS service in APNIC

Proposal textText
SynopsisThis is a proposal that APNIC cease devoting resources to support the operation of the domain, at a date no earlier than 1 June 2006.
Current statusImplemented globally in coordination with other RIRs
Relevant forumPolicy SIG
Most recent versionprop-030-v002
Previous versionsprop-030-v001
Status at other RIRs deprecated globally

Proposal history

11 August 2005Version 1 announced to mailing list
8 September 2005

Version 2 reached consensus at APNIC 20 DNS operations SIG and AMM

21 September 2005 – 16 November 2005Version 2 in 8 week final call for comments
25 November 2005Endorsed by EC
1 June 2006

Implemented globally in coordination with other RIRs