prop-033: End site assignment policy for IPv6

Proposal text



This policy proposal alters the existing policy regarding LIR and ISP assignments to end sites to allow the unit of assignment to be an LIR or ISP decision.

Current status

Implemented in conjuction with prop-031.


Geoff Huston, Randy Bush

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Policy SIG

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Status at other RIRs

AfriNIC: N/A
ARIN: 2005-8: Proposal to amend ARIN IPv6 assignment and utilisation requirement
LACNIC: LAC-2006-07 IPv6 reasignment size
RIPE: 2005-08: Proposal to amend the IPv6 assignment and utilisation requirement policy

Proposal history



18 March 2006

Announced to mailing list

7 September 2006

Reached consensus at APNIC 22 Policy SIG and AMM

25 September – 17 November 2006

Eight-week final call for comments on Policy SIG mailing list

15 December 2006

Endorsed by APNIC EC. The EC noted that it would be necessary to remove the /48 requirement from the initial allocation criteria, so that the new requirement would be that the requestor must have a plan to make 200 customer assignments.

9 February 2007

Draft documentation released:

The call for editorial comments closed 9 March 2007.

19 March 2007

Implemented in conjuction with prop-031.