prop-145: Single Source for Definitions

Proposal text prop-145-v001

This proposal suggests that APNIC use a single definition document to ensure that terms are used and interpreted consistently across APNIC policy documents.

Current status Implemented
Authors Anupam Agrawal
Relevant forum Policy SIG
Previous versions n/a
Status at other RIRs

It was looked into RIRs. Some regions do not have specific definition section in Policy documents.

Secretariat impact assessment

This proposal appears to be straightforward. APNIC understands the importance of
maintaining consistency in the terms and definitions used across all documents.

There are no issues with updating the APNIC Definitions Document (APNIC-080) to
ensure it remains the definitive source of all definitions; however, some
variations in individual documents may be required.

This proposal would not require any system changes, but it would require a
thorough review of all documents.

If this proposal reaches consensus, implementation can be completed within 3
to 6 months.

Proposal history
11 August 2022 Version 1 posted to the Policy SIG mailing list for discussion and community development.
15 September 2022 Reached consensus at APNIC 54
19 September 2022 Open call for final comments.
17 October 2022 End of final comment period.
17 November 2022 Endorsed by APNIC EC
19 June 2023 Call for editorial comments
20 July 2023 End of editorial comment period. Policy published as apnic-127-v013.