prop-025: Proposal on IPv6 IRR service at APNIC


Proposal textText
SynopsisThis is a proposal to define a framework for an IPv6 IRR, which would then be launched by APNIC. The proposal also examines how to use the IRR to and how to verify IPv6 routes.
Current statusImplemented
AuthorToyama Katsuyasu
Relevant forumDatabase SIG
Most recent versionprop-025-v001
Previous versionsN/A
Status at other RIRsN/A

Proposal history

4 August 2004Announced to mailing list
2 September 2004Reached consensus at APNIC 18 Database SIG and AMM
17 September 2004 – 12 November 20048 week final call for comments
19 November 2004Endorsed by EC
24 February 2005Progress update at APNIC 19 Database SIG
8 September 2005Progress update at APNIC 20 Database SIG
11 May 2006