APNIC is the Regional Internet Registry administering IP addresses for the Asia Pacific

Event Wrap: AusNOG 2023

By Bhadrika Magan

Geoff Huston presented on QUIC at AusNOG 2023, held in the Gold Coast, Australia from 7 to 8 September 2023.

Distributed latency monitoring

By Anurag Bhatia

Guest Post: Searching for a SmokePing alternative to monitor different servers for latency.

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Relive APNIC 56
Thank you to all the attendees, sponsors, and everyone else who contributed to the conference. Relive the sessions by watching the recordings. See you at APRICOT 2024.
Extended DNS Errors: Unlocking the Full Potential of DNS Troubleshooting

By Yevheniya Nosyk

Guest Post: A study of the implementation and deployment of RFC 8914 Extended DNS Error (EDE) codes.

[Podcast] How APNIC Labs measures the world using adverts

By George Michaelson

How APNIC Labs measures the Internet using adverts.

How REx infers resource transfers

By Beau Gieskens

Why add global information, where the data comes from, and how was it implemented?

MaginotDNS: Attacking the boundary of DNS caching protection

By Xiang Li

Guest Post: A look at modern day cache poisoning attacks on the integrity of the DNS.

Event Wrap: APrIGF 2023, Net Thing 2023, and PacIGF 2023

By Bhadrika Magan

APNIC and the APNIC Foundation actively participated in the APrIGF 2023, co-located with NetThing 2023 and PacIGF 2023 in Brisbane, Australia from 28 August to 1 September 2023.

Why HTTP/3 is eating the world

By Robin Marx

Guest Post: What problems HTTP/3 solves, how it performs, why it’s seen such swift adoption, and what limitations it is still working to overcome.