APNIC is the Regional Internet Registry administering IP addresses for the Asia Pacific

Security by diversity: The business of security through diversity

By Fredrik Lindeberg

How to work with quality uncertainty and scaling different forms of security.

NSA releases IPv6 transition guidance

By Dan Fidler

What advice does the NSA have for operating dual-stack and new IPv6 networks?

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Four policy proposals up for community discussion at APNIC 55

By Sunny Chendi

Have your say on the policy proposals up for discussion at the APNIC 55 OPM.

Slammer: 20 years after

By John Kristoff

Guest Post: Where were you when SQL Slammer nearly broke the Internet? Could it happen again?

[Podcast] Is my Internet Down?

By George Michaelson

Measuring Internet outages with Google Trends.

Accessing IPv6-only resources via legacy IP: NAT46 on a FortiGate

By Johannes Weber

Guest Post: How to have IPv4-only clients reach your IPv6-only servers.

Australian Internet and astronomy: A deep relationship

By George Michaelson

What implications does the Square Kilometre Array have for Australian Internet operations?

Interesting IPv6/NDP observation

By Daryll Swer

Guest Post: What happens when an implementation is technically compliant but doesn’t behave as expected?