APNIC is the Regional Internet Registry administering IP addresses for the Asia Pacific

How to: Raw sockets in IPv6

By Geoff Huston

Learn how to use a raw socket interface in IPv6 to generate a UDP-based DNS server and a TCP-based HTTP(S) server that allows the application to exercise direct control over packet fragmentation.

Whois Maintainer and IRT objects error resolved

By Sanjaya

APNIC has resolved a whois security incident resulting from a technical error during the upgrade of APNIC’s whois database.

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Fellowships to APRICOT 2018 open

You have until Monday, 30 October at 17:00 (UTC +8) to apply for a fellowship to APRICOT 2018. Visit the website for key dates and selection criteria.

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An observatory for path transparency measurement

By Brian Trammell

Guest Post: The MAMI Project's new Path Transparency Observatory will help operators with locating and analysing network impairments on the Internet.

TLS security and data centre monitoring: searching for a path forward

By Kathleen Moriarty

Guest Post: Transport Layer Security 1.3 has been designed to be more secure in order to prevent the interception of sessions over the Internet.

DNS OARC 27: The fast and furious

By George Michaelson

Topics discussed at day two of DNS OARC 27 included the risks to the DNS associated with IPv6 and a project to reduce unnecessary traffic on the roots.

NANOG 71: The merit of big, fat, dumb pipes

By George Michaelson

Dave Schaeffer's NANOG 71 keynote recognizes that the future of the Internet transmission will be in the form of larger pipes.

Coordination is key to cybersecurity activities in Pacific

By Duncan Macintosh

APNIC is playing a role in coordinating cybersecurity activities in the Pacific to maximize the benefit to the Internet community.

IPv6 deployment survey: Update

By Jordi Palet Martinez

Guest Post: Updated results from the IPv6 deployment survey as presented at APNIC 44.