APNIC is the Regional Internet Registry administering IP addresses for the Asia Pacific

DNS is the new BGP

By Geoff Huston

DNS steering in the service delivery world has some profound implications for the network.

APNIC celebrates 30 years: Part 3 — The beginnings of address policy

By George Michaelson

The history of needs-based distribution, and how it informs modern address policy.

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Relive APNIC 56
Thank you to all the attendees, sponsors, and everyone else who contributed to the conference. Relive the sessions by watching the recordings. See you at APRICOT 2024.
Dual subsea cable cuts disrupt African Internet

By Doug Madory

Guest Post: Investigating the historical impact of undersea landslides on submarine cables.

Verisign to update DNSSEC algorithm

By Duane Wessels

Guest Post: Verisign to re-sign .com, .net, and .edu TLDs with new DNSSEC algorithms.

Measuring the use of DNSSEC

By Geoff Huston

How much of the DNS namespace has been signed with DNSSEC?

NRO Statement on Appointment of an Official Receiver for AFRINIC

By John Curran

The NRO welcomes recent developments in the legal proceedings affecting AFRINIC.

Results of APNIC By-laws vote

By Paul Wilson

The Member vote on five resolutions to amend the APNIC By-laws resulted in all resolutions passing.

APNIC 56: Thank you and farewell

By Dan Fidler

Thanks to everyone who participated in and supported APNIC 56.