APNIC is the Regional Internet Registry administering IP addresses for the Asia Pacific

BGP more specifics: routing vandalism or useful?

By Geoff Huston

Are more specific routing advertisements in BGP a considered use of routing or simply creating a mess?

Help protect your resources from misuse – be active in the community

By George Michaelson

It's difficult to defend the integrity of your addresses on the Internet if you don’t publicly engage.

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Nominations are open now for the 2017 NRO NC election

You have until 10 August 2017 (17:30 UTC +10) to submit a nomination for the 2017 NRO NC election at APNIC 44. Note, self-nominations are permitted.

Event Wrap: CNNIC OPM 2017

By Bhadrika Magan

APNIC participated at the CNNIC OPM 2017 in Kunming, China from 12 to 13 June 2017.

Event Wrap: 3rd Meeting of the APT Preparatory Group for WTDC-17

By Bhadrika Magan

The 3rd Meeting of the Asia Pacific Telecommunity’s (APT) WTDC-17 Preparatory Group was held from 5 to 7 June 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Characterizing IPv6 traffic load balancing

By Italo Cunha

Guest Post: Traffic load balancing is a common solution to bandwidth demands. Using a modified traceroute tool, researchers in Brazil are examining load balancing in IPv6 networks.

Viet Nam, Myanmar join the Asia Pacific RIPE Atlas anchor network

By Shah Sahari

Viet Nam and Myanmar are the latest additions to the growing network of economies hosting APNIC-sponsored RIPE Atlas anchors in the Asia Pacific.

Apply now for 2017 ISIF Asia Grants and Award

By Sylvia Cadena

The ISIF Asia grants program is a great opportunity to secure funding for innovative Internet projects solving local and regional issues.

‘Why is the Internet so slow?!’

By Ilker Nadi Bozkurt

Guest Post: What's the source of latency on the Internet, and how can it be reduced?