APNIC is the Regional Internet Registry administering IP addresses for the Asia Pacific

IETF 99, Prague: There’s a lot going on in the DNS

By Geoff Huston

Interest in the DNS appears to come in waves and we seem to be be in the midst of a furious burst of activity.

Event Wrap: ICANN 59

By Bhadrika Magan

APNIC staff participated at ICANN 59 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Nominations are open now for the 2017 NRO NC election

You have until 10 August 2017 (17:30 UTC +10) to submit a nomination for the 2017 NRO NC election at APNIC 44. Note, self-nominations are permitted.

IETF 99, Prague: Thoughts from the IEPG meeting

By Geoff Huston

Automating DNSSEC key management and validating issues with the KSK roll where two of the many novel discussions had during the recent IEPG meeting in Prague.

Event Wrap: PacNOG 20, Fiji

By Robbie Mitchell

Around 75 people attended the 20th Pacific Network Operators Group (PacNOG) meeting held in Suva, Fiji, earlier this month.

IETF 99, Prague: DNSOP considers client (and server) signalling and privacy

By George Michaelson

Security of the Domain Name System, and privacy, was a topic of much discussion during the recent DNS operations Working Group.

Event Wrap: 3rd INTERPOL Cyber Crime Expert Group

By Bhadrika Magan

APNIC participated at the 3rd INTERPOL Global Cyber Crime Expert Group meeting, held in conjunction with the INTERPOL World Conference in Singapore.

IETF 99, Prague: 6MAN re-visits the /64 boundary

By George Michaelson

Should there be a hard limit for the /64 boundary? A question hotly debated during the 6MAN working group at IETF 99.

IETF 99, Prague: Microsoft looks down the barrel of the v6-only gun

By George Michaelson

Microsoft's IPv6 efforts on its corporate network are uncovering issues relevant to all IPv6 users.