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IETF 99, Prague: 6MAN re-visits the /64 boundary

By George Michaelson

Should there be a hard limit for the /64 boundary? A question hotly debated during the 6MAN working group at IETF 99.

IETF 99, Prague: Microsoft looks down the barrel of the v6-only gun

By George Michaelson

Microsoft's IPv6 efforts on its corporate network are uncovering issues relevant to all IPv6 users.

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Nominations are open now for the 2017 NRO NC election

You have until 10 August 2017 (17:30 UTC +10) to submit a nomination for the 2017 NRO NC election at APNIC 44. Note, self-nominations are permitted.

IETF 99, Prague: homenet tries to solve the naming problem

By George Michaelson

The current state of naming models in the Home Networking (homenet) WG is quite a complex problem because there are at least two goals, and they may not entirely converge.

IETF 99, Prague: IEPG — always a worthwhile conversation

By George Michaelson

IEPG has moved to a new day in the IETF agenda, but it's still a very useful conversation between the operations and engineering community.

Internet Resource Management course now live!

By Sheryl Hermoso

Register now for APNIC Academy's newest course 'Internet Resource Management'.

APNIC and FIRST cement security collaboration

By Adli Wahid

New agreement to benefit APNIC Members by expanding cooperation around security training, fellowships and events.

Q&A: 2017 ICANN Multistakeholder Ethos Award winner, Hiro Hotta

By Bhadrika Magan

JPRS' Hiro Hotta was recognised for his significant contribution to the Internet community at ICANN 59 last month.

Register for MPLS Workshop, Malaysia

By Lisa Corness

Register now for a three-day Introduction to MPLS workshop from 23 to 25 October 2017, in Selangor, Malaysia.