APNIC is the Regional Internet Registry administering IP addresses for the Asia Pacific

Internet access in Pacific is more than just ports

By Anju Mangal

Guest Post: Defining and prioritizing Internet accessibility in the Pacific is a difficult task that requires input from multiple stakeholders.

Detecting network outages with RIPE Atlas

By Anant Shah

Guest Post: A technique to detect bursty TCP disconnections, and how it can be used on RIPE Atlas data to better detect outages in the Internet.

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Check out the APNIC 44 program

Hear from Internet experts on IPv6, SDN, security, blockchain, satellite technology and more!

See who the final list of nominees are for the NRO NC election.

Event Wrap: JANOG 40, Fukushima

By Robbie Mitchell

The 40th Japan Network Operators Group meeting – JANOG 40 – was held from 26 to 28 July in Fukushima, Japan.

The Internet ecosystem, and the law of unintended consequences

By Paul Wilson

Why the Internet is like an ecosystem and why genuine cooperation is vital in keeping it strong, balanced and healthy as it grows.

FPT Telecom’s IPv6 journey

By Siena Perry

View an interactive timeline detailing FPT Telecom's IPv6 deployment and listen to commentary from APNIC experts.

Strong technical program at APNIC 44

By Robbie Mitchell

With less than a month until the opening ceremony, there’s no better time to start planning your schedule for APNIC 44 in Taichung, Taiwan.

Transitioning to a single trust anchor

By Tom Harrison

APNIC is transitioning from the current set of five Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) trust anchors to a single "all resources" trust anchor in an effort to streamline the RPKI process.

We’re still on whois? What’s holding back RDAP?

By George Michaelson

The traffic on the public whois service at APNIC continues unabated, but there is a far simpler, better way to query the same information: RDAP.