APNIC is the Regional Internet Registry administering IP addresses for the Asia Pacific

IPv6 as a metadata store

By Donatas Abraitis

Guest Post: The size of IPv6 addresses makes it possible to store metadata in the address to identify services, clients and locations.

Encouraging IPv6 and IoT investment in Viet Nam

By Mai Thu Thuy

Guest Post: Tax breaks for local businesses deploying IPv6 and investing in IoT technologies in Viet Nam were discussed at the recent IPv6 and IoT conference in Hanoi.

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Apply now for an APNIC 44 Fellowship

APNIC 44 fellowship applications are now open in three categories - Professional, Youth, and Returning. The deadline for applications is Friday, 7 July 2017 at 23:59 (UTC +10). Check your eligibility and apply now!

Taiwan Peering Forum set for August 2017 in Taipei

By William Lu

Guest Post: TPIX is pleased to announce the Taiwan Peering Forum (TPF 2017) will be held in August.

Investigating the status of reverse DNS

By Sofia Silva Berenguer

RIPE NCC recently organized a two-day DNS Measurements Hackathon to take a closer look at reverse DNS delegations.

DNSSEC, IPv6, quantum networking and more: RIPE 74 thoughts

By Geoff Huston

Geoff recaps some highlights from the technical presentations at RIPE 74.

Anycast latency: How many sites are enough?

By Jan Harm Kuipers

Guest Post: New research studies the relationship between latency and anycast deployment of four Root DNS servers (C, F, K and L) to determine how many anycast sites are required for good latency.

Apply now for an APNIC 44 Fellowship

By Sunny Chendi

Want to learn from some of the region's foremost Internet experts? Apply now for an APNIC 44 fellowship.

Event Wrap: Asia-Pacific Digital Society Policy Forum 2017

By Bhadrika Magan

APNIC participated at the third Asia-Pacific Digital Societies Policy Forum 2017 from 8 to 9 May 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand.