prop-004: Lame delegation cleanup revised


This is a proposal to authorise the APNIC Secretariat to test for, and disable, lame DNS reverse delegations.

Proposal referenceprop-004-v001
Current statusPolicy active.
Discussion documentA proposal for sweeping lame DNS reverse delegations
AuthorAPNIC Secretariat
Relevant forumDNS operations SIG
Mailing listsig-dns

Proposal history

Posting to mailing list21 July 2003Announced
Presentation at APNIC meeting21 August 2003

Approved at APNIC 16

  • Presentation [ppt | pdf]
  • DNS operations SIG minutes [html]
  • AMM minutes [html]
Comment period on mailing list25 September 2003


Comments closed 20 November 2003

EC endorsement24 December 2003


Implemented7 October 2004

Implementation documentation

APNIC 17 progress report

  • Presentation [ppt | pdf]
  • DNS operations SIG minutes [html]

APNIC 18 progress report

APNIC 19 progress report

  • Presentation [ppt]