prop-081: Eligibility for assignments from the final /8

Proposal text prop-081-v001
Synopsis This policy proposal seeks to supplement the final /8 policy, by making it possible for account holders to receive assignments from the final /8 space.
Current status Withdrawn by authors
Authors Terence Zhang Yinghao
Jane Zhang
Wendy Zhao Wei
Relevant forum Policy SIG
Previous versions NA
Status at other RIRs

AfriNIC: AFPUB-2009-v4-003: IPv4 Soft Landing Policy, which permits assignments as well as allocations to be made from AfriNIC's last /8 from IANA, is under discussion.

ARIN: 2008-5: Dedicated IPv4 block to facilitate IPv6 Deployment which permits both assignments and allocations to be made from a /10 block reserved from ARIN's final /8 from IANA, has been adopted.

RIPE: 2009-04: IPv4 Allocation and Assignments to Facilitate IPv6 Deploymentwhich permits assignments as well as allocations to be made from RIPE's last /8 from IANA, is under discussion.

LACNIC currently has no similar policy or proposal.

Proposal history
1 February 2010 Posted to the Policy SIG mailing list for discussion.
4 March 2010 Presented at APNIC 29 Policy SIG, but did not reach consensus.
8 March Returned to mailing list for further discussion

20 August 2010 Withdrawn by authors. Following feedback received from the community, the authors have submitted an alternative proposal, prop-085, 'Eligibility for critical infrastructure assignments from the final /8', to be discussed at APNIC 30.