prop-130: Modification of transfer policies

Proposal textprop-130-v002
ObjectiveExisting transfer policies for IPv4, IPv6 and ASN resources have some differences among what is allowed and what not, if in the case of intra-RIR and inter-RIR, and it is not clear if in case of merger and acquisitions it is referring to a complete company, part of it, or even if in case of a company reorganization or relocation, the policy is supportive to that case.

To ensure that the policy text is clarified, if those cases are supported by the community. It will also facilitate companies or business units, moving or being established in other regions.

Current statusDid not reach consensus at APNIC 49
AuthorsJordi Palet Martínez
Relevant forumPolicy SIG
Previous versionsprop-130-v001
Status at other RIRsThere is a variety of support of all those cases in different regions. The one more open is RIPE, followed by ARIN. Similar policy proposals are being submitted in LACNIC and AfriNIC.
Secretariat impact assessmentprop-130-v002:

Staff comments:

Possible difficulties in verifying mergers, acquisition, reorganization, or relocation from out of APNIC region due to unfamiliarity of languages and legal systems.

The NRO comparative policy matrix indicates APNIC Members outside of the region must have network presence in the Asia Pacific. Additionally, some RIRs have an ‘out of region’ policy which restricts where they can use their resources.

Members may face difficulties updating their domain objects if there has been a partial IPv6 transfer where a larger block has been de-aggregated.

Technical comments:

APNIC’s current systems are not configured to handle inter-RIR IPv6 reverse DNS. This will need to be developed.

APNIC cannot predict when other RIRs will support IPv6 reverse DNS fragments incoming to their systems.

Legal comments:

This will affect how APNIC verifies M&A documents. May require cross RIR coordination.


6 months

Proposal history
14 March 2019Version 1 posted to the Policy SIG mailing list for discussion and community development.
18 September 2019Did not reach consensus at APNIC 48 posted to the mailing list for further discussion.
20 January 2020Version 2 posted to the Policy SIG mailing list for discussion with the community.
20 February 2020Did not reach consensus at APNIC 49 posted to the mailing list for further discussion.
10 August 2020Did not discuss at APNIC 50 online conference due to timezone difference so deferred to APNIC 51.