prop-140: Update End-Site definition

Proposal textprop-140-v001

This proposal recommends to clearly define both the “end-site” and the “end-user” in the policy document to avoid any confusion with IPv4 and IPv6 delegations.

Current statusTo be discussed at APNIC 52
AuthorJordi Palet Martínez
Relevant forumPolicy SIG
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Status at other RIRsOther RIRs have already updated their policies in this regard.
Secretariat impact assessment

This proposal appears to be straightforward. APNIC notes the clarification to End-Site and End-User
definitions in the policy manual, and it is unlikely to change current practices for evaluating requests.

This proposal would not require any changes to the systems.

If this proposal reaches consensus, implementation can be completed within 3 months.
Proposal history
13 August 2021Version 1 posted to the Policy SIG mailing list for discussion and community development.