prop-138: Restricting AS-ID in ROA

Proposal textprop-138-v002

This proposal suggests restricting APNIC members from creating ROAs with private, reserved, or unallocated ASN. This will help APNIC members avoid mistakenly creating unnecessary Bogon ROAs.

Current statusImplemented.
AuthorAftab Siddiqui
Relevant forumPolicy SIG
Previous versionsprop-138-v001
Status at other RIRsIn the process of verifying this information.
Secretariat impact assessmentprop-138-v001:

APNIC notes the proposed restriction of creating ROAs with any unallocated, private and reserved ASNs,
to stop Members creating bogon ROAs in the global routing table.

This proposal would require changes to the website content, procedure documents, training material,
and registry systems.

If this proposal reaches consensus, implementation may be completed within 3-6 months.

Clarifications required:
1. Since the route management interface in MyAPNIC (Member Portal) permits Members to create both route objects and ROAs with arbitrary ASNs, should this proposal be extended to include restricting of AS-ID in route objects as well?

2. Does this proposal requires the deletion of all existing ROAs referencing unallocated, private, and reserved ASNs?
Proposal history
13 August 2021Version 1 posted to the Policy SIG mailing list for discussion and community development.
10 September 2021Version 2 posted to the Policy SIG mailing list for discussion and community development.
16 September 2021Reached consensus at APNIC 52 OPM to be a guideline.
21 September 2021Posted announcement to mailing list.
6 December 2021Guideline published.