prop-064: Change to assignment policy for AS numbers

Proposal text prop-064-v002
Synopsis The policy seeks to create awareness earlier within the community for the need to support 4-byte AS numbers without mandating an absolute final adoption of 4-byte AS numbers.
Current status Implemented on 16 February 2009.

James Spenceley

Relevant forum Policy SIG
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Status at other RIRs N/A
Proposal history
22 July 2008 Version 1 submitted to the Policy SIG mailing list for discussion.
25 July 2008 Version 2 submitted to the Policy SIG mailing list for discussion:

  • Version 2 adds a specific date for the interim step described in section 4.3 of the proposal.
28 August 2008 Reached consensus at APNIC 26 Policy SIG and AMM in Christchurch, New Zealand.
29 August – 24 October 2008 Eight-week call for final comments. No objections received.

20 November 2008 Endorsed by APNIC Executive Council (EC)

12 January – 9 February 2009 Draft policy document available for comments. See:

16 February 2009 Implemented