APNIC Technical Assistance

APNIC often receives requests to provide more practical, hands-on technical information and assistance, over and above what can be achieved through training alone.

To address this demand and to establish a deeper understanding of Members’ needs, APNIC developed the technical assistance program.

APNIC technical assistance aims to better support APNIC Members by understanding the issues they face in their day-to-day network operations, and by sharing expertise on best and current Internet technical practice, in the following areas:

  • Distribution and registration of Internet number resources
  • Supporting reverse DNS delegation
  • Managing the authoritative APNIC Whois Database and IRR
  • Providing resource certification through RPKI
  • Supporting Internet routing
  • Supporting deployment of IPv6 networks
  • Supporting deployment of Internet infrastructure security measures
  • Supporting deployment of open and neutral IXPs and root servers

It is delivered to an individual Member organization and is focused on discussions about their specific technical issues around APNIC’s fundamental mission as a non-profit service.

In contrast, APNIC training courses cover specific subjects and are delivered to Members from multiple organizations.

How does the APNIC technical assistance operate?

Internet technical experts and APNIC staff with specialized knowledge connect with individual APNIC Member organizations to discuss their specific technical issues and share and provide best current practice information.

These Internet technical experts have extensive operational experience and knowledge on Internet infrastructure network operations and management.

Technical assistance is provided either online or in-person (if situation permits and need justifies it).

Requesting APNIC technical assistance

On APNIC Academy, you can choose an expert by filtering on availability, topic, language, or time zone, then book a session by providing some basic details about what help you need. Once confirmation is received you will receive a Zoom link to connect with your expert.

Use the “Find an Expert” to connect with an expert. The service has been launched as a free trial exclusively to APNIC Members.

Alternatively, you can send your inquiry to helpdesk@apnic.net. We will then follow up with our feedback or our suggestions on the way forward.

Please be aware that APNIC technical assistance is still evolving, and we are finalizing the best way to deliver this service to our Members.

Working with external organizations

APNIC technical assistance also works closely with external Internet organizations with an established background and recognizable contribution for technical capacity development of the Internet technical community.