prop-071: Justifying receiving IPv4 address space

Proposal text prop-071-v001 (3.2 KB)
Synopsis This policy proposal seeks to supplement prop-050, "IPv4 address transfers", by requiring recipients of transferred IPv4 address space to justify its use.
Current status Withdrawn by author.
Author Philip Smith
Relevant forum Policy SIG
Previous versions N/A
Status at other RIRs

RIPE: The transfer policy proposal implemented by RIPE only permits transfers to take place if the recipient can justify the need for address space to the RIPE NCC. Recipients of transfers cannot transfer any portion of that address space to another organisation within 24 months.

ARIN: Section 8.2 of the transfer policy specifically states the justification conditions under which transfers are permitted in the ARIN region.

LACNIC is currently discussing the proposal, LAC-2009-04 Transfer of IPv4 Blocks within the LACNIC Region.

AfriNIC has no transfer policy.

Proposal history
10 March 2009 Submitted to the Policy SIG mailing list for discussion.
1 June 2009 Withdrawn by author.