prop-020: Application of the HD ratio to IPv4


This is a proposal to use the HD ratio for measurement of IPv4 utilisation, for the purpose of determining when a given block of address space should be considered as fully utilised.

Note: An informational presentation on the HD ratio for IPv4 was given at the APNIC 16 Policy SIG.

Proposal referenceprop-020-v001
Current statusAbandoned after four week discussion on mailing list.
Other RIR statusAbandoned in ARIN and LACNIC. In final call at RIPE.
Discussion documentApplication of the HD ratio to IPv4
AuthorAPNIC Secretariat
Relevant forumPolicy SIG
Mailing listsig-policy

Proposal history

Posting to mailing list4 August 2004Announced
APNIC 18 presentation1 September 2004


APNIC 19 presentation24 February 2005

Informational update at APNIC 19

  • Presentation [ppt]
  • Policy SIG minutes [html]
APNIC 20 presentation8 September 2005

Informational update of LIR survey results at APNIC 20

APNIC 21 discussion2 March 2006

Status discussed at APNIC 21 Policy SIG:

  • Presentation [ppt | pdf]
  • Transcript of discussion at Policy SIG [txt]
  • Audio of discussion at Policy SIG [mp3]
Comment period on mailing list17 March 2006

Comments closed 14 April 2006.

Policy abandoned18 April 2006Announced