prop-003: Policy for mirroring on IRR


This is version two of a proposal that IRRs maintain policies on the copying of source data. It is proposed that if an IRR has such a policy, other IRRs should not copy the source data from the IRR without the IRR's permission.

Proposal referenceprop-003-v002
Current statusWithdrawn
Discussion documentA proposal of policy for mirroring on IRR
Relevant forumDatabase SIG
Mailing listsig-db

Proposal history

Note: The proposal history of the earlier version of this proposal is at prop-003-v001.

Posting to mailing list26 January 2004Announced
Presentation at APNIC meeting26 February 2004

Presented at APNIC 17. There was no consensus on the proposal and the discussion was referred back to the SIG mailing list.

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  • Database SIG minutes [html]
Policy withdrawal1 September 2005Withdrawn by author