prop-036: Proposal to modify allocation criteria in the “IPv6 Address Allocation and Assignment Policy”

Proposal textText
SynopsisThis policy proposal is intended to provide a solution for the lengthy discussions that have taken place in the different regions regarding existing IPv6 policies. It also takes account of the changes that have already taken place in other Regional Internet Registry (RIR) service regions. It is an alternative solution to the existing proposals around IPv6 portable assignments.
Current statusDid not reach consensus at APNIC 22.
AuthorJordi Palet Martinez
Relevant forumPolicy SIG
Most recent versionprop-036-v001
Previous versionsN/A
Status at other RIRs

Under discussion in all regions:

Proposal history

29 May 2006Announced to mailing list
7 September 2006Did not reach consensus at APNIC 22 Policy SIG