APNIC Membership

Any organization with a requirement for IP addresses and AS Number for their network infrastructure can benefit from APNIC Membership.

Who are APNIC Members?

Benefits of APNIC Membership

Flexible network management

  • Get your own IP addresses and AS numbers for your network, and choose your peers
  • Participate in regional policy discussion on how to manage Internet resources
  • Guide APNIC’s future direction through participating in APNIC surveys and feedback sessions
  • Get the latest research and trends shaping Internet development
  • Connect with industry colleagues and learn from technical experts

Internet registry support

  • Access MyAPNIC, APNIC’s online Internet address management portal
  • Use APNIC’s Whois Database, a regional database of Internet address registrations, network contacts, routing information and more
  • Get Reverse DNS services for your Internet addresses Security
  • Acquire Resource Certification using RPKI for secure routing


  • Receive face-to-face workshops, tutorials and online sessions on topics such as Internet Resource Management, Network Security, IPv6 deployment and BGP


  • Research reports on topics such as IPv6 and DNSSEC deployment
  • Receive technical assistance – Expert advice on network issues provided on a cost-recovery basis
  • Participate in global IP measurements and other research

Technical conferences

  • Attend twice yearly conferences to share experiences, information, and network with your peers and industry leaders
  • Register up to four conference delegates per membership free of charge to the APNIC Conference week (stand-alone APNIC conferences only)

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