prop-078: Reserving /10 IPv4 address space to facilitate IPv6 deployment

Proposal text prop-078-v002
Synopsis This proposal seeks to ensure some small blocks of IPv4 space will remain available for a long time to ease the co-existence of IPv4 and IPv6 and to facilitate IPv6 deployment.
Current status Withdrawn by authors.
Authors Terence Zhang Yinghao
Jane Zhang
Wendy Zhao Wei
Relevant forum Policy SIG
Previous versions prop-078-v001
Status at other RIRs

ARIN has adopted a similar policy, 2008-5: Dedicated IPv4 block to facilitate IPv6 Deployment.

RIPE has similar policy proposal under discussion, 2009-04: IPv4 Allocation and Assignments to Facilitate IPv6 Deployment

AfriNIC and LACNIC currently have no similar policies or proposals.

Proposal history
29 July 2009 Version 1 submitted to the Policy SIG mailing list for discussion.
27 August 2009 Version 1 returned to the authors for further consideration after discussion at APNIC 28.
1 February 2009 Version 2 posted to the Policy SIG mailing list for discussion.
4 March 2010 Presented at APNIC 29 Policy SIG, but did not reach consensus.
8 March 2010 Returned to the Policy SIG mailing list for further discussion.
20 August 2010 Withdrawn by authors.