prop-047: eGLOP multicast address assignments

Proposal text



This is a proposal for RIRs to begin assigning multicast addresses.

Current status

Proposal abandoned


Marshall Eubanks
David Meyer

Relevant forum

Policy SIG

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Proposal history



February 2007

Announced to the Policy SIG mailing list

March 2007

Presented at the APNIC 23 Policy SIG

  • This policy proposal was submitted after the deadline for policy proposals to be discussed at APNIC 23. Therefore, this proposal was presented as an informational proposal at APNIC 23. At APNIC 24, the community will decide whether to adopt, modify, or abandon the policy proposal.

September 2007

Due to be presented as a formal proposal at APNIC 24. However, the proposal author did not present the proposal.

21 November 2007

Proposal to abandon prop-047 the Policy SIG mailing list.

25 December 2007

Proposal abandoned on Policy SIG mailing list after no objections received.