prop-026: APNIC to publish address assignment statistics


This is a proposal requesting the APNIC secretariat to collect and publish the number of assignments registered in APNIC whois database on a monthly basis, sorted by country and by address prefix (size).

Proposal referenceprop-026-v001
Current statusImplemented
Discussion documentAPNIC to publish address assignment statistics
AuthorToshiyuki Hosaka
Relevant forumDatabase SIG
Mailing listsig-db

Proposal history

Posting to mailing list21 January 2005Announced
Presentation at APNIC meeting24 February 2005

Approved by consensus at APNIC 19.

  • Presentation [pdf]
  • Database SIG transcript [txt]
  • Database SIG minutes [html]
  • AMM minutes [html]
Comment period on mailing list3 March 2005


Comments closed 29 April 2005.

Approval by EC13 May 2005EC minutes
Implementation by APNIC Secretariat30 August 2005

Statistics available at: