prop-015: Should APNIC allocate global unicast IPv6 address space to ‘unconnected’ networks?



This is a proposal to permit APNIC Secretariat continue to allocate global IPv6 space to organisations in accordance with the criteria stated in the 'IPv6 allocation and assignment policy' to both networks that are to be connected to the global IPv6 Internet and to unconnected networks

Proposal referenceprop-015-v001
Current statusPolicy active.
Discussion documentShould APNIC allocate global unicast IPv6 address space to 'unconnected' networks?
AuthorAPNIC Secretariat
Relevant forumPolicy SIG
Mailing listsig-policy

Proposal history

Posting to mailing list19 January 2004Announced
Presentation at APNIC meeting25 February 2004

Approved by consensus at APNIC 17

Comment period on mailing list8 March 2004 Announced

Comments closed 3 May 2004

Endorsed14 May 2004


Implementation14 May 2004

Interim policy document

  • APNIC allocation of global unicast IPv6 address space to "unconnected" networks [ html | txt ]
Draft document review period15 July 2004

Draft policy document

Document review closed 11 August 2004.

Official documentation16 August 2004

IPv6 Address Allocation and Assignment Policy