prop-082: Removing aggregation criteria for IPv6 initial allocations

Proposal text prop-082-v002
Synopsis This is a proposal to remove the aggregation requirement from the IPv6 initial allocation policy.
Current status Policy implemented 5 July 2010.
Authors Tomohiro Fujisaki
Akira Nakagawa
Fuminori Tanizaki
Masaru Akai
Toshio Tachibana
Relevant forum Policy SIG
Previous versions prop-082-v001
Status at other RIRs

LACNIC: 2007-01: Modifications to the IPv6 Prefix Initial Allocation Policy , which removes the requirement to announce an initial allocation as a single prefix in favour of announcing the prefix with the minimum possible level of disaggregation, is currently under discussion.

RIPE: 2009-06: Removing Routing Requirements from the IPv6 Address Allocation Policy, which removes routing requirements from IPv6 policy, was recently adopted by the community.

AfriNIC and ARIN initial IPv6 allocation criteria require a plan to aggregate, with no requirement for aggregation for subsequent allocation criteria. Neither RIR is has any proposal to modify these criteria.

Proposal history
2 February 2010 Version 1 posted to the Policy SIG mailing list for discussion.
24 February 2010 Version 2 posted to the Policy SIG mailing list for discussion.
4 March 2010 Version 2 reached consensus at the APNIC 29 Policy SIG and AMM.
8 March – 3 May 2010 Final eight-week comment period.

18 May 2010 Version 3 endorsed by the APNIC Executive Council (EC)

24 May – 21 June 2010 Draft policy documentation open for comment:
News announcement:

Draft document:

5 July 2010 Implemented.