Security at APNIC

Security at APNIC

APNIC’s vision is for a global, open, stable, and secure Internet. APNIC plays an important role in Internet infrastructure security by:

Other services from the Security Community

Good cybersecurity is a shared responsibility. APNIC does not provide the following services:

  1. Take-down requests – APNIC has no mandate to take enforcement action on network abuse but can help you find network operator contacts so that issues can be raised directly.
  2. Surveillance or security monitoring – APNIC does not have the capabilities to track criminals or threat actors.
  3. Remediation of vulnerabilities on Member infrastructure (for example, unpatched servers or hacked computers). Members are responsible for managing their own infrastructure.
  4. Prevention of spam, phishing, ransomware, network intrusion, malware or DDoS attacks.

    However, here are some resources that may help you: