APNIC is the Regional Internet Registry administering IP addresses for the Asia Pacific

UDP-based amplification — the dangerous DDoS attack vector

By Debashis Pal

Guest Post: Learn how to save time and money by protecting against UDP flood DoS attacks.

One in eight DNS A queries, two in three AAAA fail in the wild

By Zhenyu Li

Guest Post: Around 20% of resolvers almost never succeed in resolving AAAA queries.

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[Podcast] DNS spoofing is a non-issue if we all do DNSSEC

By Robbie Mitchell

DNS spoofing is a growing problem that can be stopped with a range of countermeasures or just DNSSEC.

TLS 1.3: A story of experimentation and centralization

By Ralph Holz

Guest Post: TLS 1.3 is an example of how Internet technology is developed and refined by a small number of players.

PKIX launches third IXP

By Robbie Mitchell

Lahore IXP members are seeing local content being served 100 times faster.

Shadowserver now scanning IPv6

By Piotr Kijewski

Large-scale IPv6 scanning is feasible. Secure and monitor IPv6 and open IPv6 services on your network with Shadowserver's free reports.

The future of automated incident response

By Andrew Cormack

Guest Post: How should automated systems in network and security management work?

Event Wrap: PhNOG 2022

By Bhadrika Magan

APNIC actively participated in PhNOG 2022, held in a hybrid format from 11 to 15 July 2022 in Makati, Philippines.