APNIC is the Regional Internet Registry administering IP addresses for the Asia Pacific

Dealing with the undercurrent of unwanted traffic

By Leslie Daigle

Guest Post: How much unwanted traffic is out there, and how much is too much to allow out of a source network?

Opinion: Walking the policy tightrope

By Geoff Huston

Finding the appropriate balance in government policy towards Internet issues can be like tightrope walking.

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Missed APNIC 54?

Relive the sessions by watching the recordings. See you at APRICOT 2023.

A complex network analysis of global Internet public peering

By Justin Loye

Guest Post: Modelling a complex graph from PeeringDB to characterize the key Internet peering players and their interactions over time.

KINDNS initiative to improve mutual understanding and security of DNS among operators

By Adiel Akplogan

Guest Post: KINDNS is a new initiative to promote DNS operational security best practices and to encourage DNS operators to voluntarily commit to their implementation.

Why are 5G and Wi-Fi underdelivering on performance in the wild: A China perspective

By Xinlei Yang

Guest Post: Around one third of Wi-Fi users in China are using 200+ Mbps fixed 'broadband' Internet access.

Routing security in Singapore

By Aftab Siddiqui

Guest Post: How are .sg ccTLD domains performing from a Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) point of view?

Threat Integration: Lessons of indicator and incident exchange

By Kathleen Moriarty

Guest Post: What can 20+ years of exchanging and integrating threat intelligence teach us?

DNS evolution: Innovation or fragmentation?

By Geoff Huston

How should we engage with evolution and innovation in the Internet’s name space?