Resource Policies

Developing policies that meet the changing needs of the Asia Pacific Internet industry

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The APNIC community is open to anyone with an interest in Internet number resources in the Asia Pacific Region.

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Community activities

APNIC supports infrastructure deployments, Network Operator Groups and represents the community in regional and global forums.

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IANA oversight transition

Check this page regularly for updates on community discussions on the IANA transition and how to get involved.

APNIC in the Internet ecosystem

APNIC has an important role in the Internet community as part of the multi-stakeholder management of the global Internet.

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APNIC has adopted several protocols that serve as a foundation for a more secure Internet

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The IPv6 Program responds to the community’s request for APNIC to support deployment of IPv6 in the Asia Pacific region.

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APNIC Technical Assistance

Supporting APNIC Members by understanding the issues they face in their day-to-day network operations, and sharing expertise on best and current Internet technical practice.

APNIC IPv4 post-exhaustion

Here’s what you need to know about the transition to the post-IPv4 Internet.

IPv4 exhaustion

IPv4 exhaustion will occur in three phases. Here is some important information to help steer your organization’s transition.

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