prop-017: Recovery of unused address space

Proposal reference prop-017-v001
Synopsis This is a proposal to recover allocated or assigned address space that has not been used for a reasonable period of time.
Current status Policy active.
Discussion document Recovery of unused address space
Authors APNIC Secretariat
Relevant forum Policy SIG
Mailing list sig-policy
Proposal history
Activity Date Status
Posting to mailing list 23 January 2004 Announced
Presentation at APNIC meeting 26 February 2004 Approved by consensus at APNIC 17

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  • Policy SIG minutes [html]
  • AMM minutes [html]
Comment period on mailing list 8 March 2004 Announced

Comments close 3 May 2004

EC endorsement 14 May 2004 Endorsed

Implementation 17 March 2005 Implemented.
Draft document review period 14 December 2004 Draft policy document

Document review closed 14 January 2005.

Official documentation 19 January 2005 Policies for historical Internet resources in the APNIC Whois Database