prop-009: Delegation of


This is a proposal for Regional Internet Registries to register the appropriate reverse DNS delegation at the same time as providing the delegation for IPv4 address space.

Proposal reference prop-009-v001
Current status Presented at APNIC 16. No further action pending.
Discussion document Issues in the delegation of
Author Randy Bush
Relevant forum DNS operations SIG
Mailing list sig-dns

Proposal history

Activity Date Status
Posting to mailing list 23 July 2003 Announced
Presentation at APNIC meeting 21 August 2003


  • Presentation [pdf]
  • DNS operations SIG minutes [html]
Comment period on mailing list 25 September 2003


Comments closed 20 November 2003

EC endorsement 19 December 2003 To be discussed at the December EC teleconference.