APNIC drafts for public comment

Any new documents, or changes to existing APNIC documents, are posted to this page for editorial comment. This includes any changes to policy documents prior to implementation.

Draft documents for review

APNIC requests editorial comments on the following draft documents:

The changes to the fee schedules are as a result of an EC resolution on 10 September 2023.

The changes to the tiers, voting rights, Internet resource policies, and guidelines for IPv6 documents are as a result of the implementation of prop-155: IPv6 PI assignment for Associate Members.

Nature of the document review

This is an editorial review only. Therefore, during the comment period, interested parties may:

  • Object to the wording provided by the Secretariat.
  • Suggest improvements on any aspect of the document.
  • Request that an additional call for comment be made to allow more consideration of substantial revisions.

Deadline for comments

Comments are requested by Thursday, 25 April 2024. Please send any comments to publication@apnic.net or policy@apnic.net.