prop-037: Deprecation of email updates for APNIC Registry and whois data

Proposal textprop-037-v002
SynopsisThis is a proposal to phase out email updates to APNIC registry data.
Current statusProposal withdrawn by author.
AuthorsTerry Manderson
Relevant forumPolicy SIG
Previous versionsprop-037-v001
Status at other RIRsN/A
Proposal history
7 August 2006Version one announced.
7 September 2006Version one did not reach consensus at APNIC 22 Policy SIG.  The APNIC resource management services Working Group was created to discuss the issues raised in the proposal. See: wg-rms mailing list archive.
6 February 2007Version two announced to Policy SIG.
1 March 2007Version two did not reach consensus at the APNIC 23 Policy SIG
6 March 2007Proposal returned to the Policy SIG mailing list for further discussion.
16 August 2007Proposal withdrawn by author.