Policy proposals

Reached consensus at APNIC 51

Did not reach consensus at APNIC 51

    On behalf of the APNIC community we would like to acknowledge the proposal authors for their contribution to
    the bottom-up policy development process.


    Proposal NumberProposal TitleAuthor/sProposed YearConferenceImplemented Year
    prop-132RPKI ROAs for unallocated and unassigned APNIC address space (was: AS0 for
    Aftab Siddiqui2019APNIC 482020
    prop-131Editorial changes in IPv6 PolicyJordi Palet Martínez2019APNIC 482020
    prop-129Abolish Waiting list for unmet IPv4 requestsAftab Siddiqui2019APNIC 472019
    prop-128Multihoming not required for ASNJordi Palet Martínez2019APNIC 472019
    prop-125Validation of “abuse-mailbox” and other IRT emailsJordi Palet Martínez and Aftab Siddiqui2018APNIC 462019
    prop-127Change maximum delegation size of 103/8 IPv4 address pool to a /23Ching-Heng Ku, Aftab Siddiqui, Yen-Chieh Wang2019APNIC 472019
    prop-122Updating “Subsequent IPv6 allocation” policyJordi Palet Martínez2017APNIC 442017
    prop-121Updating “Initial IPv6 allocation” policyJordi Palet Martínez2017APNIC 442017
    prop-117Returned IPv4 address management and Final /8 exhaustionTomohiro Fujisaki2017APNIC 432017
    prop-116Prohibit to transfer IPv4 addresses in the final /8 blockTomohiro Fujisaki2016APNIC 422017
    prop-114Modification in the ASN eligibility criteriaAftab Siddiqui, Skeeve Stevens2015APNIC 392016
    prop-113Modification in the IPv4 eligibility criteriaAftab Siddiqui, Skeeve Stevens2015APNIC 392016
    prop-109Allocate and to APNIC Labs as Research PrefixesGeoff Huston2014APNIC 372014
    prop-108Suggested changes to the APNIC Policy Development ProcessDean Pemberton, Izumi Okutani2013APNIC 362014
    prop-107AS number transfer policy proposalTomohiro Fujisaki2013APNIC 362014
    prop-105Distribution of returned IPv4 address (Modification of prop-088)Tomohiro Fujisaki2013APNIC 352014
    prop-104Clarifying demonstrated needs requirement in IPv4 transfer policyShin SHIRAHATA, Norisuke HIRAI, Akira NAKAGAWA2012APNIC 342013
    prop-102Sparse allocation guidelines for IPv6 resource allocationsDean Pemberton, Ren-Hung Hwang2012APNIC 332012
    prop-101Removing multihoming requirement for IPv6 portable assignmentsDavid Woodgate2012APNIC 332013
    prop-097Global policy for post exhaustion IPv4 allocation mechanisms by the IANAAlejandro Acosta, Nicolas Antoniello, S. Moonesamy, Douglas Onyango,
    Medel Ramirez, Masato
    2011APNIC 312011
    prop-096Maintaining demonstrated needs requirement in transfer policy after the
    final /8 phase
    Tomohiro Fujisaki, Co-authors Masaru Akai, Fuminori Tanizaki, Toshio
    Tachibana, Akira Nakagawa
    2011APNIC 312011
    prop-095Inter-RIR IPv4 address transfer proposalTomohiro Fujisaki, CO AUTHOR: Fuminori Tanizaki, Masaru Akai, Toshio
    Tachibana, Akira Nakagaw
    2011APNIC 312011
    prop-094Removing renumbering requirement from final /8 policyIzumi Okutani, Terence Zhang Yinghao2011APNIC 312011
    prop-093Reducing the minimum delegation size for the final /8 policyRandy Bush, Andy Linton, Philip Smith, Terence Zhang Yinghao2011APNIC 312011
    prop-088Distribution of IPv4 addresses once the final /8 period startsRandy Bush, Philip Smith2010APNIC 312011
    prop-083Alternative criteria for subsequent IPv6 allocationsSkeeve Stevens2010APNIC 292011
    prop-082Removing aggregation criteria for IPv6 initial allocationsTomohiro Fujisaki, Akira Nakagawa ,Fuminori Tanizaki, Masaru Akai , Toshio
    2010APNIC 292010
    prop-080Removal of IPv4 prefix exchange policyGuangliang Pan2010APNIC 292010
    prop-079Abuse contact informationTobias Knecht2010APNIC 292010
    prop-075Ensuring efficient use of historical AS numbersGuangliang Pan2009APNIC 282010
    prop-074Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) Policy for Allocation of ASN
    Blocks (ASNs) to Regional
    Registries Ratified by the ICANN Board Executive Committee and implemented by the
    Andrew de la Haye, Stacy Hughes2009APNIC 282009
    prop-073Simplifying allocation/assignment of IPv6 to APNIC members with existing
    IPv4 addresses
    Terry Manderson,Andy Linton2009APNIC 282010
    prop-066Ensuring efficient use of historical IPv4 resourcesBrenda D. Tarimel, Philip Smith, James Spenceley2008APNIC 262009
    prop-065Format for delegation and recording of 4-byte AS numbersJames Spenceley2008APNIC 262008
    prop-064Change to assignment policy for AS numbersJames Spenceley2008APNIC 262009
    prop-062Use of final /8Philip Smith, Jonny Martin, Randy Bush2008APNIC 262009
    prop-06132-bit ASNs for documentation purposesPhilip Smith, Gaurab Raj Upadhaya, Tomoya Yoshida2008APNIC 262008
    prop-057Proposal to change IPv6 initial allocation criteriaToshiyuki Hosaka, Izumi Okutani2008APNIC 252008
    prop-055Global policy for the allocation of the remaining IPv4 address spaceRoque Gagliano, ANTEL, Francisco Obispo, CENIT, Haitham EL Nakhal, MCIT,
    Didier Allain Kla, ISOC
    d’Ivoire, JPNIC IPv4 countdown policy team: Akinori Maemura, Akira Nakagawa, Izumi Okutani,
    Kuniaki Kondo, Shuji Nakamura, Susumu Sato, Takashi Arano, Tomohiro Fujisaki, Tomoya Yoshida,
    2008APNIC 252009
    prop-054NIR operational policy document revisionSanjaya, Terry Manderson2008APNIC 252008
    prop-053Changing minimum IPv4 allocation size to /22Rajesh Chharia2008APNIC 252008
    prop-050IPv4 address transfersGeoff Huston, Philip Smith2007APNIC 242010
    prop-049IANA policy for allocation of ASN blocks to RIRsAfriNIC, APNIC,ARIN,LACNIC,RIPE NCC2007APNIC 242007
    prop-041IPv6 assignment size to critical infrastructureAPNIC2006APNIC 222006
    prop-038Amending APNIC’s lame DNS reverse delegation policyTerry Manderson2006APNIC 222007
    prop-035IPv6 portable assignment for multihomingKatsuyasu Toyama, Takashi Arano, Tomohiro Fujisaki, Toshinori Ishii,
    Kosuke Ito, Dai Nishino,
    Ohishi, Izumi Okutani
    2006APNIC 222007
    prop-033End site assignment policy for IPv6Geoff Huston, Randy Bush2006APNIC 222007
    prop-0324-byte AS number policy proposal Adopted by all RIRsGeoff Huston2005APNIC 212007
    prop-031Proposal to amend APNIC IPv6 assignment and utilisation requirement
    Stephan Millet, Geoff Huston2005APNIC 202007
    prop-030Deprecation of ip6.int reverse DNS service in APNICSanjaya2005APNIC 202006
    prop-027The second phase of Large Space IPv4 Trial Usage Program for Future IPv6
    Kosuke Ito, Yoshiyuki Ezura, Tsukasa Ogino, Gaku Hashimoto2005APNIC 192005
    prop-026APNIC to publish address assignment statisticsToshiyuki Hosaka2005APNIC 192005
    prop-025Proposal on IPv6 IRR service at APNICToyama Katsuyasu2004APNIC 182006
    prop-022A proposal to abolish redundant charges in IPv6 allocationsIzumi Okutani2004APNIC 182005
    prop-021Expansion of the initial allocation space for existing IPv6 address space
    Tomohiro Fujisaki2004APNIC 182005
    prop-018Protecting historical records in the APNIC Whois DatabaseAPNIC2004APNIC 172004
    prop-017Recovery of unused address spaceAPNIC2004APNIC 172005
    prop-016IPv6 allocations to IPv4 networksAPNIC2004APNIC 172004
    prop-015Should APNIC allocate global unicast IPv6 address space to ‘unconnected’
    APNIC2004APNIC 172004
    prop-014A proposal to lower the IPv4 minimum allocation size and initial
    allocation criteria in the Asia
    APNIC2004APNIC 172004
    prop-012Improving reliability of IRR databaseMasasi Eto2003APNIC 162003
    prop-011IXP assignments Consensus elements of proposal were
    Bill Woodcock2003APNIC 162004
    prop-010Protecting resource records in APNIC Whois DatabaseAPNIC2003APNIC 162004
    prop-008IANA IPv4 resource request procedures Adopted by all RIRsRandy Bush2003APNIC 162003
    prop-007Privacy of customer assignment recordsJoint RIRs2003APNIC 162005
    prop-006Supporting historical resource transfersAPNIC2003APNIC 162004
    prop-005Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) policy for allocation of IPv6
    blocks to Regional Internet
    Registries Adopted by all RIRs
    APNIC2003APNIC 162004
    prop-004Lame delegation cleanup revisedAPNIC2003APNIC 162006
    prop-002Documentation policyAPNIC2003APNIC 162004
    prop-001Policy process modificationAPNIC2003APNIC 162003

    On behalf of the APNIC community we would like to acknowledge the proposal authors for their contribution to
    the bottom-up policy development process.

    Abandoned and Withdrawn

    Proposal NumberProposal TitleAuthor/sProposed YearConferenceAbandoned Year
    prop-134PDP UpdateJordi Palet Martínez2020APNIC 492020
    prop-126PDP UpdateJordi Palet Martínez2018APNIC 462019
    prop-124Clarification on Sub-AssignmentsJordi Palet Martínez2018APNIC 462019
    prop-118No need policy in APNIC regionHeng Lu2017APNIC 432019
    prop-123Modify 103/8 IPv4 transfer policyAlex Yang2018APNIC 452018
    prop-120Final /8 pool exhaustion planTomohiro Fujisaki2017APNIC 442018
    prop-119Temporary transfersDavid Hilario2017APNIC 442018
    prop-115Registration of detailed assignment information in whois DBRuri Hiromi, Tomohiro Fujisaki2015APNIC 392016
    prop-112On demand expansion of IPv6 address allocation size in legacy IPv6 spaceTomohiro Fujisaki2015APNIC 392015
    prop-111Request-based expansion of IPv6 default allocation sizeTomohiro Fujisaki2014APNIC 372014
    prop-110Designate as Anycast to support DNS InfrastructureDean Pemberton, Geoff Huston2014APNIC 372014
    prop-106Restricting excessive IPv4 address transfers under the final /8 blockShin SHIRAHATA, Tomohiro Fujisaki2013APNIC 352013
    prop-103A Final IP Address Policy ProposalRandy Bush2012APNIC 342012
    prop-100National IP Address Plan – Allocation of country-wide IP address blocksRakesh Mohan Agarwal2011APNIC 322012
    prop-099IPv6 Reservation for Large NetworksXing Li, Song Jiang, Xiaomin Zhou, Haijin Li2011APNIC 322012
    prop-098Optimizing IPv6 allocation strategies (simplified)Owen DeLong2011APNIC 322012
    prop-092Distribution of additional APNIC IPv4 address ranges after IANA exhaustionDavid Woodgate2011APNIC 312011
    prop-091Limiting of final /8 policy to specific /9David Woodgate2011APNIC 312011
    prop-090Optimizing IPv6 allocation strategiesOwen DeLong2011APNIC 312011
    prop-089Additional criterion for final /8 allocations (and assignments)David Woodhouse2011APNIC 312011
    prop-087IPv6 address allocation for deployment purposesTomohiro Fujisaki2010APNIC 302011
    prop-086Global Policy for IPv4 Allocations by the IANA Post ExhaustionSteve Bertrand, Chris Grundemann, Aaron Hughes, Louie Lee, Matt Pounsett, Jason Schiller2010APNIC 302011
    prop-085Eligibility for critical infrastructure assignments from the final /8Terence Zhang Yinghao, Wendy Zhao Wei2010APNIC 302011
    prop-084Frequent whois information update requestTobias Knecht2010APNIC 302011
    prop-081Eligibility for assignments from the final /8Terence Zhang Yinghao, Jane Zhang, Wendy Zhao Wei2010APNIC 292010
    prop-078Reserving /10 IPv4 address space to facilitate IPv6 deploymentTerence Zhang Yinghao, Jane Zhang, Wendy Zhao Wei2009APNIC 282010
    prop-077Proposal to supplement transfer policy of historical IPv4 addressesTerence Zhang Yinghao, Jane Zhang, Wendy Zhao Wei2009APNIC 282010
    prop-076Requiring aggregation for IPv6 subsequent allocationsTomohiro Fujisaki,Akira Nakagawa, Toshio Tachibana, Fuminori Tanizaki2009APNIC 282010
    prop-072Reapplication limits when transferring address spacePhilip Smith2009APNIC 282009
    prop-071Justifying receiving IPv4 address spacePhilip Smith2009APNIC 282009
    prop-070Maximum IPv4 allocation sizeJames Spenceley, Jonny Martin2009APNIC 272009
    prop-069Global policy proposal for the allocation of IPv4 blocks to Regional Internet RegistriesAdiel A. Akplogan, AfriNIC Raul Echeberria, LACNIC, Maemura Akinori, APNIC, Geoff Huston, APNIC,
    Axel Pawlik, RIPE NCC, Ray Plzak, ARIN, Oscar A. Robles-Garay, LACNIC, Nigel Titley, RIPE NCC,
    Wilson, APNIC
    2009APNIC 272011
    prop-068Inter-RIR transfer policyGeoff Huston2009APNIC 272009
    prop-067A simple transfer proposalRandy Bush, Philip Smith2008APNIC 272009
    prop-063Reducing timeframe of IPv4 allocations from twelve to six monthsPhilip Smith, Randy Bush, Jonny Martin2008APNIC 262009
    prop-060Change in the criteria for the recognition of NIRs in the APNIC regionKusumba Sridhar2008APNIC 262008
    prop-059Using the Resource Public Key Infrastructure to construct validated IRR dataRandy Bush2008APNIC 262008
    prop-058Proposal to create IPv4 shared use address space among LIRsShirou Niinobe, Takeshi Tomochika, Jiro Yamaguchi, Dai Nishino, Hiroyuki Ashida, Akira Nakagawa,
    Toshiyuki Hosaka
    2008APNIC 252008
    prop-056IPv4 Soft LandingDavid Conrad2008APNIC 252008
    prop-052Cooperative distribution of the end of the IPv4 free poolTony Hain2007APNIC 252008
    prop-051Global policy for the allocation of the remaining IPv4 address spaceRoque Gagliano , ANTEL, Francisco Obispo, CENIT, Haitham EL Nakhal, MCIT, Didier Allain Kla,
    Cote d’Ivoire
    2007APNIC 242007
    prop-048IPv6 ULA-centralJordi Palet Martinez2007APNIC 242007
    prop-047eGLOP multicast address assignmentsMarshall Eubanks, David Meyer2007APNIC 232007
    prop-046IPv4 countdown policy proposalJPNIC IPv4 countdown policy team2007APNIC 232007
    prop-045Proposal to modify “end site” definition and allow end sites to receive IPv6 allocationsJordi Palet Martinez2007APNIC 232007
    prop-044Proposal to remove requirement to document need for multiple /48s assigned to a single end siteJordi Palet Martinez2007APNIC 232007
    prop-043Proposal to remove reference to IPv6 policy document as an “interim” policy documentJordi Palet Martinez2007APNIC 232007
    prop-042Proposal to change IPv6 initial allocation criteriaJordi Palet Martinez2007APNIC 232007
    prop-040Proposal for APNIC non-member annual service feeAPNIC2006APNIC 222006
    prop-039A proposal to improve reachability of new IANA blocksTomoya Yoshida2006APNIC 222006
    prop-037Deprecation of email updates for APNIC Registry and whois dataTerry Manderson2006APNIC 222007
    prop-036Proposal to modify allocation criteria in the “IPv6 Address Allocation and Assignment Policy”Jordi Palet Martinez2006APNIC 222006
    prop-034IPv6 portable assignment for end user organisationsJordi Palet Martinez2006APNIC 222006
    prop-029Proposal for discrete networks and national peeringUchenna N Ibekwe, Vu, Baokhanh N (Beth), Jason Schiller2005APNIC 202005
    prop-028Abolishing IPv6 per address fee for NIRsNIR fee WG2005APNIC 192005
    prop-024Changing NIR fee structureToshiyuki Hosaka2004APNIC 182004
    prop-023A proposal to prevent the routing of “dark” address spaceGordon Bader2004APNIC 182004
    prop-020Application of the HD ratio to IPv4APNIC2004APNIC 182006
    prop-019A proposal for whois database queryJeng-jr Li2004APNIC 212006
    prop-013LIRs to manage multiple discreet networks under a single APNIC membershipDawn Martin2003APNIC 172003
    prop-009Delegation of SynopsisRandy Bush2003APNIC 162003
    prop-003Policy for mirroring on IRRJPNIC2004APNIC 172005