prop-133: Clarification on Sub-Assignments

Proposal textprop-133-v002
SynopsisThis proposal seeks to clarify the current text in Section 2.2.3. “Assigned address space” of the APNIC Internet Number Resource Policies. The intended goal of assignments is for usage by end-users or LIRs in their own infrastructure (servers, equipment, interconnections, employees, guest devices, subcontractors), not for sub-assignment to other networks.
Current statusDid not reach consensus at APNIC 49
AuthorJordi Palet Martínez
Relevant forumPolicy SIG
Previous versions


prop-124 abandoned after APNIC 48.

Status at other RIRsA similar proposal was discussed and then implemented in AFRINIC, ARIN, LACNIC and RIPE.
Secretariat impact assessment


Staff comments:

This proposal appears to be straightforward. APNIC notes the expansion policy text to elaborate on IPv6 assignment, and it is unlikely to change current practices for evaluating IPv6 requests.

The proposed text “and may not be sub-assigned to other networks.” is redundant as assigned address space cannot be sub-assigned to other networks.

Technical comments:

No comments.

Legal comments:

No comments.


within 3 months.

Proposal history
20 January 2020Version 1 posted to the Policy SIG mailing list for discussion and community development.
16 February 2020Version 2 posted to the Policy SIG mailing list for discussion.
20 February 2020Did not reach consensus at APNIC 49 posted to the mailing list for further discussion.
10 August 2020Did not discuss at APNIC 50 online conference due to timezone difference so deferred to APNIC 51.