Accurate measurement and analysis of network activity is essential to guide the development of the Internet.

APNIC publishes data on Internet resource distribution—including routing, IPv6 deployment, IPv4 transfers and security—as well as using this data to produce research, analysis and tools related to global and regional Internet operation trends.

Involvement in these initiatives helps APNIC to:

  • Deliver advanced number registry and Member information services
  • Advance community adoption and deployment of technologies such as IPv6, RPKI and DNSSEC
  • Sustainably support Internet infrastructure development in the Asia Pacific.


APNIC Labs provides comprehensive measurements on the following:

IPv6 | DNSSEC (RSA) | DNSSEC (ECDSA) | ISP Market Share | IPv4 Address Report | IP Number Distributions

Go to DASH


DASH (Dashboard for Autonomous System Health) lets you rapidly track suspicious traffic seen coming from your network, compare your organization against your economy or sub-region, and generate reports for informed decision-making.

The APNIC security team can also assist you to get more complete information about the suspicious traffic seen coming from your network.

Note: DASH is for APNIC members with at least one Autonomous System Number

Go to REx—The Resource Explorer

REx—The Resource Explorer

REx—The Resource Explorer is a portal that provides data on how Internet number resources are distributed and used in the AP region.

Go to NetOX


NetOX (Network Operators toolboX) is a set of tools for network operators to get information about their, and other networks to solve routing issues and make better informed decisions like deciding which other networks to connect to.

Go to raw data through FTP

Raw data

APNIC also provides raw data through its FTP site.