prop-061: 32-bit ASNs for documentation purposes

Proposal text Text
Synopsis This document discusses the requirement to reserve 32-bit ASNs for the sole purpose of assisting the creation of Internet related documentation.
Current status Published as an RFC.
Authors Philip Smith, Gaurab Raj Upadhaya, Tomoya Yoshida
Relevant forum Policy SIG
Most recent version prop-061-v002
Previous versions prop-061-v001
Status at other RIRs N/A

Proposal history



22 July 2008 Submitted to the Policy SIG mailing list for discussion.
28 August 2008

Reached consensus at the Policy SIG at APNIC 26 in Christchurch, New Zealand with the following amendment:

  • APNIC to assign a small number of AS numbers from both the 16-bit and 32-bit AS number pools for documentation purposes
29 August 2008 Version 2, containing the consensus elements of the proposal from the discussions at the APNIC 26 Policy SIG, submitted to the Policy SIG mailing list.
29 August – 24 October 2008

Eight-week call for final comments.

3 October 2008

Submitted as an IETF Internet Draft:

27 October 2008

Policy SIG Chair formally announce that the Chairs will take no further action on the proposal, pending the publication of an RFC regarding a documentation block of AS numbers.

11 December 2008

Published as an informational RFC:

  • RFC 5398 – Autonomous System (AS) Number Reservation for Documentation Use