prop-158: IPv6 auto-allocation for each IPv4 request

Proposal text prop-158-v001
Objective This proposal suggests automatically delegating IPv6 address space to new and initial IPv4 requests to accelerate IPv6 implementation.
Current status To be discussed at APNIC 57 OPM
Author David Aditya Yoga Pratama and M. Andri Setiawan
Relevant forum Policy SIG
Previous versions n/a
Secretariat impact assessment

Impact assessment for v001.

APNIC notes that this proposal suggests automatically delegating IPv6 address resource to new and initial IPv4 requests to accelerate IPv6 implementation. 

APNIC also notes that this proposal is applicable to both APNIC and NIR account holders.


  • The current APNIC Membership form allows account holders to request multiple IP resources (IPv4, IPv6, and ASN) while applying for APNIC membership. Account holders can also simply get an IPv6 delegation by one-click process in MyAPNIC.
  • The proposal suggests “Automatically delegated IPv6 address should be put into deployment within two years from the date of the delegation”. Is the intention that the outcome of not complying with this policy is the revocation of just the IPv6 resources, also the IPv4 resources applied for at the same time, or an alternative option?
  • If the account holder requests a /23 IPv4 and is also automatically delegated a /32 IPv6, the fees payable by the account holder will increase as the fee for /32 IPv6 is greater than /23 IPv4.


If this proposal reaches consensus, implementation may be completed within three months.

Proposal history
15 January 2024 Version 1 posted to the Policy SIG mailing list for discussion and community development.