prop-128: Multihoming not required for ASN

Proposal textprop-128-v001
ObjectiveTo ensure that organizations which have their own routing policy and the need to interconnect with other organizations, can do it. Interconnect is used here with the commonly understood meaning of establishing a connection between two (administratively) separate
Current statusPosted to the mailing list for discussion.
AuthorsJordi Palet Martínez
Relevant forumPolicy SIG
Previous versionsNone
Status at other RIRsARIN and LACNIC don’t require multihoming. RIPE requires it. AfriNIC has a policy equivalent to APNIC, but I’m submitting a proposal similar to this one to change it as well as in the case of RIPE.
Proposal history
22 January 2019Version 1 posted to the Policy SIG mailing list for discussion and community development.