prop-019: A proposal for whois database query


This is a proposal to for an alternative way to store and query whois data at an LIR as well as NIR and RIR level.

Proposal referenceprop-019-v001
Current statusAbandoned after four-week discussion on mailing list.
Other RIR statusNot presented at other RIRs.
Discussion documentA proposal for whois database query
AuthorJeng-jr Li
Relevant forumDatabase SIG
Mailing listsig-db

Proposal history

Posting to mailing list10 February 2004Announced
Presentation at APNIC meeting1 March 2006

Status discussed at APNIC 21 Database SIG:

  • Presentation [ppt | pdf]
  • Audio of discussion at Database SIG [mp3]
Announcement of comment period on mailing list13 March 2006


Comments closed 11 April 2006.

Policy abandoned18 April 2006Announced