Using Whois

The APNIC Whois Database is a publicly searchable database detailing address usage within the Asia Pacific region. The results of any search are provided purely for operational purposes (such as finding the authoritative contact for a troublesome machine) and are not to be used for commercial or marketing purposes.

Quick Beginners Guide

The APNIC Whois Database, stores information as ‘Objects’. Objects can store information about:

  • IP address ranges
  • Routing policies
  • Reverse DNS delegations
  • Network contact information.

Numeric Internet resources must be properly and accurately registered in the APNIC Whois Database to fulfill the goals of global addressing policy.

Quick Beginners Guide | Test Whois Database

Searching Whois

There are two ways to search the APNIC Whois Database:

  • Use the online Whois search facility
  • Query directly from the command line

Bulk access to whois records

Updating Records

  • How do I update network and contact information?
  • Record Internet Number Resource delegations
  • Record Routing Information
  • Record Customer Assignments (SOR and AW)

Reverse Delegation

  • Guide to Reverse Delegation
  • Lame DNS Reverse Delegation
  • Network troubleshooting tools