prop-137: IPv6 Assignment for Associate Members

Proposal textprop-137-v001

This proposal suggests providing an incentive to small enterprises and academia/researchers to receive IPv6 assignment. As the proposal states, APNIC Associate Members may request IPv6 assignment with the restrictions that the assignment cannot be further assigned to other organisations.

Current statusAbandoned
AuthorAftab Siddiqui
Relevant forumPolicy SIG
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Status at other RIRs

RIPE NCC: IPv6 PI can be sponsored by an LIR (EUR 50/yr).
ARIN: As an end-user IPv6 only can be requested following certain criteria.
AFRINIC: Must not be an LIR.
LACNIC: Not been an LIR or ISP, submit addressing plans for at least a year. (Section 3.4.3 – END USERS)

Secretariat impact assessmentprop-137-v001:

APNIC notes the proposed criteria for Associate Members to request IPv6 provider independent assignment of /48 and this assignment cannot be further assigned to the other organizations and agree to use and
announce this address space within 12 months.

APNIC also notes, if the assigned space is not announced within the 12 months, after this period, APNIC can reclaim it and return to the free pool.

Under the current policies, any account holders can request IP resources, including IPv6 provider independent assignment.

This proposal has a direct impact on the Associate Member fees which is not in the mandate of the Policy SIG Charter. Under the APNIC By-laws, the power for establishing the membership fees for APNIC Members rests with the APNIC Executive Council (EC).

This proposal would require changes to the website content, procedure documents and manuals, training material, membership forms and registry systems.

This proposal would create additional workload for Services staff having to follow-up with members and reclaim resources if they do not advertise Provider Independent IPv6 assignment within 12 months.

If this proposal reaches consensus, implementation is subject to the APNIC EC review/decision of
Associate Member fees.

Clarifications required:
1. How strict is this proposal with “not announced within the 12 months”? What if the assignment is briefly announced within that 12 months but is not visible in the routing table at the time of verification by the APNIC staff after that period?

2. An end user type organization can receive a /48 IPv6 assignment under different policy criteria.
    IPv6 for multihoming
    IPv6 for critical infrastructure
    IPv6 for Internet Exchange Points
    Provider Independent IPv6 assignment

Since the objective of this proposal is to provide an incentive to small enterprises to receive IPv6 assignment, what is the reason to restrict proposal to ‘Provider Independent IPv6 assignment’ only?
Proposal history
13 August 2021Version 1 posted to the Policy SIG mailing list for discussion and community development.
16 September 2021Reached consensus at APNIC 52 OPM but has been sent back to the author for clarification.
21 September 2021Announcement posted to the mailing list.
02 March 2022Abandoned at APNIC 53.