prop-006: Supporting historical resource transfers


It is proposed that historical resources can be transferred to APNIC members without the need for technical review or approval, on condition that the transferred resources are subject to current policies, into the current policy framework.

Proposal reference prop-006-v001
Current status Policy active
Discussion document Supporting historical resource transfer
Author APNIC Secretariat
Relevant forum Address policy SIG
Mailing list sig-policy

Proposal history

Activity Date Status
Posting to mailing list 22 July 2003 Announced
Presentation at APNIC meeting 20 August 2003 Approved at APNIC 16

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  • Address policy minutes [html]
  • AMM minutes [html]
Comment period on mailing list 25 September 2003 Announced

Comments closed 20 November 2003

EC endorsement 24 December 2003 Endorsed

Draft document review period 17 February 2004 Draft policy document

Document review closed 17 March 2004.

Implemented 19 March 2004 Policy active

Final documentation