prop-070: Maximum IPv4 allocation size

Proposal textprop-072-v001 (3.8 KB)
SynopsisThe policy seeks to create a maximum APNIC allocation size. The proposal then seeks to gradually decrease the maximum allocation size based on the remaining number of /8s in the IANA free pool.
Current statusAbandoned at APNIC 27 in Manila, Philippines.
AuthorJames Spenceley, Jonny Martin
Relevant forumPolicy SIG
Previous versionsN/A
Status at other RIRs

AfriNIC, ARIN, LACNIC and RIPE currently have no maximum allocation size.

This proposal has not been submitted to other RIRs, but may be in future.

Proposal history
23 January 2009Submitted to the Policy SIG mailing list for discussion.
26 February 2009Abandoned at APNIC 27 in Manila, Philippines.