EC minutes


3-5 June (3.1 MB) Chair update; WH&S update; APNIC Secretariat report; Financial reports; APNIC Foundation update; EC election systems update; APNIC conference location; Risk register update; ASO review; Strategy process

25/28 February

(13 MB)Chair update; WH&S update; Financial report; APNIC 47 election procedures; Secretariat report; APNIC conference location; APNIC Foundation – Board Activities Update; Strategic planning and risk register update; APNIC EC Officer Elections; Thanks to retiring EC members


5-7 December(5 MB)Chair update; WH&S update; Secretariat report; NRO Number Council appointment; IANA Numbering Services Review Committee appointment; APNIC Election Chair appointment; ASO review update; Update on joint board meeting with LACNIC; Remote participation and online voting for the election of SIG chair; Electronic voting systems; Policy endorsement; APNIC Foundation update; Service Partner model; Financial report; Review of advice on electronic voting systems; Approval of 2019 budget and activity plan; Risk Register update; EC response to survey results; Strategic planning process

10 September

(8.2 MB)Chair update; WH&S update; Financial report; APNIC Survey update; Secretariat report; ASO Review; Service Partner update; APNIC Foundation update; NRO NC election procedures; Risk Register review; Remote participation for SIG Chair election

02 June

(5 MB)Chair update; WH&S update; APNIC Foundation update; Secretariat report; Financial report; GDPR briefing; Service Partner update; APNIC Survey update; Risk Register review

25/28 February

(19 MB)Chair update; WH&S update; Financial report; Secretariat report; APNIC Survey update; APNIC 45 Executive Council Election procedures; APNIC conference location; APNIC Foundation update; Risk Register review; APNIC EC Officer Elections


7-9 December(10 MB)Chair update; Investment update; WH&S update; Financial report; Revenue and fee discussion; Secretariat report; Service Partner update; Joint board meeting with LACNIC Board; APNIC Foundation update; NRO Number Council appointment; IANA Numbering Services Review Committee; Strategic plan review; Risk Register review; Approval of 2018 Budget and Activity Plan
11/14 September(14.9 MB)Chair update; WH&S update; Secretariat report; ASO review; Financial reports and budget discussion; Service Partner model; APNIC Foundation update; APNIC Survey update; NRO Number Council election procedures; Risk Register update; AOB; Implementation of Prop-116; APNIC Foundation Board
03 June(7.9 MB)Chair update; WH&S update; APNIC 48 location; APNIC policy endorsement; APNIC Foundation update; Financial reports; Secretariat report; Service Partner model; APNIC Survey update; Risk Register
27 February(22.3 MB)Chair update; WH&S update; Financial reports; APNIC 43 EC election procedures; Secretariat report; NIR membership options analysis; APNIC 48 location; APNIC Foundation update; Risk Register; Thanks to James Spenceley; APNIC EC Officer Elections


25 November(12.7 MB)Chair update; Financial reports; Approval of 2017 budget and activity plan; NIR membership options analysis; NRO Number Council (NC) appointment; Risk Register; APNIC Foundation update; Secretariat report
02 October(15.8 MB)Chair update; Secretariat report; NIR membership options analysis; Financial reports; IANA transition update; APNIC Survey update; APNIC Foundation update; NRO Number Council election procedures; Risk Register; 2017 budget outlook; Preparation for APNIC EC Retreat
07 July(109.5 KB)APNIC 42
24 May(7.8 MB)Chair update; Secretariat report; NIR membership options analysis; Financial reports; IANA transition update; APNIC Survey update; APNIC Foundation update; Risk Register
22/26 February(19.9 MB)NIR membership options analysis; Financial reports; Secretariat report; IANA transition update; APNIC Survey update; APNIC Foundation update; RPKI for historical account holders; APNIC 41 EC Election procedures; Thanks to Akinori Maemura and Che-Hoo Cheng


02 December(12.7 MB)Financial Report; Approval of 2016 budget and 2016-2019 strategic plan; DG Report; APNIC policy endorsement; IANA transition update; RPKI access; APNIC Foundation update; Staff survey results; APNIC conference update; Survey planning update
07 September(7.4 MB)Financial Report; DG Report; Election results announcement; Future NIR framework; Strategic plan preparation; Survey planning; Risk register update; IANA transition update; RIR accountability review; Inter-RIR transfer update; APNIC Foundation update; APNIC 42, 44 and 46 update; NRO Number Council election procedures; 2016 NRO NC appointment
14 June(6.0 MB)Financial Report; DG Report; RIR accountability update; RIR stability fund; Risk register update; IANA transition update; Inter-RIR transfer; APNIC 40, 42 and 44 update; APNIC Foundation update
28 February(21.4 MB)DG Report; Cooperation SIG update; Broader Internet Governance discussion; NIR discussion; Inter-RIR transfer policy; Policy SIG update; Risk register update; APNIC Foundation Concept Paper; Financial reports; APNIC 40 update; APNIC survey update; APNIC 39 EC election procedures and review; EC travel and community engagement plan; APNIC EC Officer Elections


28 November(8.4 MB)Strategic Priorities for 2015; Fee Schedule Proposal; Activity Plan and Budget for 2015; ICANN IANA stewardship transition discussions; Discussion on enhancing APNIC accountability and transparency; Inter-RIR transfer policy discussions
28 September(5.8 MB)Financial Report for August, Fee Proposal and 2015 Budget, Taxation status update from KPMG, APNIC Survey Report, Investment Report from Credit Suisse, DG Report, Fund Raising for Development Services, NRO NC Elections
12 May(1.8 MB)Fee Structure; Accountability Review; APNIC Survey 2014; IANA transition process; APNIC 40 and 42 location
24 February(10.8 MB)Survey update, Risk Register, ASN transfers, RPKI Access


06 Dec(3.0 MB)APNIC Investment Policy, 2014 budget, APNIC Conference procedures, 2014 Survey
26 August(2.8 MB)NRO NC election procedures, Five year strategic plan, APNIC Pulse, APNIC 38 proposals, Preparation for Joint Board Meeting
11 May(8.2 MB)APNIC 20th anniversary, Meeting fees, Member Survey
01 March(84.4 KB)Election of Officers, May EC Meeting
25 February(2.8 MB)APNIC 35 EC Election Procedure, NIR Agreement, EC Procedures, EC Development Goals for 2013


17 December(1.5 MB)Financial report, 2013 budget, APNIC 35 – EC Election Chair Appointment, EC appointment to the ASO AC
30 November(738.3 KB)2013 Budget Preparation, APNIC 35 – EC Election Chair Appointment, APNIC Policy Endorsement
30 October(930.0 KB)Financial report, APNIC Vision, Mission and Values, 2013 Budget Preparation, RPKI Trust Anchors
20 September(704.2 KB)Financial report, 2012 budget preparation, APNIC and RIPE NCC Cooperation Agreement
27 August(1.1 MB)Transfer fee schedule, NIR agreement, financial report, survey report
21 June(2.0 MB)Financial report, NIR agreement, transfer fee schedule
24 May(2.5 MB)Financial reports, policy endorsement, NIR agreement revision
19 April(3.3 MB)Financial reports, DG report, EC election process
01 March(133.4 KB)India NIR update, APNIC NIR Membership Agreement
27 February(756.4 KB)NIR Membership Agreement, Electronic Votes
19 January(1.7 MB)Financial report, India NIR update


12 December(1.3 MB)India NIR update, APNIC Membership agreements, insurance review report
24 November(1.7 MB)ATO ruling status, EC appointment to ASO AC/NRO NC member for 2012, EC retreat agenda
03 November(304.6 KB)Policy endorsements, strategic planning update, preparation for joint meeting with the Board of the RIPE NCC
20 October(1.7 MB)Financial reports, DG report, strategic planning followup
29 August(1.8 MB)APNIC 33 and APNIC 34, joint meeting with the APNIC NRO NC members, insurance report review
21 July(762.4 KB)ARIN policy announcement, India NIR status report, USG FNOI response, transfer fee
17 June(942.8 KB)Response to Member and Stakeholder Survey, April and May Financial Reports
06 May(550.4 KB)APNIC 31 policy endorsement, April and May financial reports
17 March(337.7 KB)Election of Chair, Financial Report for February
21 February(1.5 MB)Amendment to APNIC Membership Agreement
10 February(544.5 KB)Financial Report for 2010


16 December(928.2 KB)2011 APNIC Budget
10 December(86.6 KB)D-G report
18 November(890.5 KB)October 2010 Financial Report, D-G report on the APNIC participation at the APEC TELMIN 8, Amendment to membership agreement
21 October(1.7 MB)August and September 2010 financial reports, and DG report
10 September(87.4 KB)DG Report: Election Review Panel Report; Establishment of Working Groups; Status of the Indian NIR; Strategic Retreat for EC
24 August(2.7 MB)Financial Report, DG Report, APNIC 30 preparations
15 July(788.7 KB)Financial report for June 2010, DG report on the NRO EC retreat, review of progress in India NIR application, brief on the progress of the EC Election Review Panel.
17 June(878.5 KB)DG report on recent activitieis including Asia Pacific Regional IGF, WTDC, APT and APECTel, and Appointment of Public Affairs Advisor.
18 May(782.5 KB)Kuo-Wei Wu Resignation; review and endorsement of props 79, 80, and 82; D-G report on India NIR; and April 2010 financial report.
15 April(789.2 KB)Election of EC Office Holders, and February 2010 Financial Report
13 May(67.5 KB)APNIC 30 event location
01 March(6.1 MB)Audited financial report for 2009, DG report on the APNIC 29 community consultation meeting, non-member fee proposal, and membership reporting procedures
04 March(47.6 KB)Record of electronic vote with regard to the acceptance of proxies
10 March(81.8 KB)Election of EC office holders, EC election process, and ratification of electronic vote on acceptance of proxies
18 February(310.0 KB)Financial report for January 2010, DG reported on activities associated with the APNIC 29 meeting, EC considered a revised proposal for a revision to the non-member fee schedule, and fees associated with processing transfers
21 January(853.0 KB)Unaudited draft of 2009 Annual Financial Statement, proposed revision to non-member fee schedule, proposal for fees associated with processing transfers, D-G report on new auditors, property purchase and ITU-T Working Group


21 December(1.6 MB)November 2009 financial statement, 2010 budget adoption, property subcommittee report, and India NIR call for comment review
02 December(870.8 KB)Consideration of the draft 2010 Budget
18 November(1.8 MB)Proposed 2010 Budget, endorsement of polices (50, 73, 74 and 75), and motion for the appointment of auditors
15 October(648.7 KB)Quarterly financial report
17 September(527.3 KB)August 2009 finance report
25 August(348.1 KB)Meeting with representatives of NIXI, India
15 July(681.0 KB)
18 June(537.9 KB)NRO EC retreat, Membership Adoption of 2010 Fee Schedule, Briefing on ATO Ruling
21 May(1.4 MB)APNIC Fees
23 April(477.3 KB)March Financial Statement and 2010 APNIC Fee Schedule
26 March(84.0 KB)Officeholders Election, proposed Fee schedule, request clarification on India NIR application.
23 February(750.1 KB)India NIR application, APNIC Fees, Member Survey
12 February(733.9 KB)Report and APNIC Fees


18 December(89.4 KB)Fee Study Update, 2009 APNIC Budget, EC appointment to the NRO/NC and ASO/AC for 2009
20 November(836.2 KB)2009 APNIC budget, Fee Study Update and ASO/AC 2009 Activity review
09 October(664.0 KB)Fee Study Update
25 August(1.6 MB)Fee Study Update, Joint RIR Board Activities, NIR for India
17-18 July(84.4 KB)Approval of Revisions to APNIC EC Handbook, APNIC 28 – updated proposal from CNNIC, RIR boards discussions – MOU and response to ARIN and Fees Workshop
19 June(714.8 KB)Approval of Revisions to APNIC EC Handbook, APNIC 28 – updated proposal from CNNIC and Proposed agreement on Legacy Address Space
15 May(668.1 KB)Policies requiring EC ratification, KPMG’s Phase 2 fee study proposal and APNIC 28 Proposal
24 April(406.4 KB)Legacy IPv4 Space, Conflict of Interest Considerations, APNIC 28 Location and Scheduling, Joint RIR Board Meetings, APNIC Position on ICANN contract and NRO incorporation, APNIC EC selection member of the NRO Number Council
20 March(441.5 KB)EC Officeholders Election
26 February(3.0 MB)Review of APNIC Fees Activities, NIR Criteria, APNIC Branch Office, APNIC 28 Selection
21 January(368.6 KB)EC Members Handbook, EC 2008 Program


13 December(1.7 MB)APNIC 2008 Budget, EC Nomination of AC member for 2008, Approval of APNIC Policy Proposal 049 (ASN Blocks to RIRs) and Property Investment Report
21 November(422.1 KB)Review of EC Procedures, APNIC 2008 Budget, EC Nomination of AC member for 2008, Exchange of letters between NRO and ICANN, SIG Chairs request to EC
16 October(12.7 KB)Acquisition of Office Property for APNIC
11 October(813.4 KB)APNIC Fees Review, Review of EC Procedures
04 September(85.7 KB)Semi-Annual Financial report for 2007, ICANN/NRO Update, APNIC Fee Structure Review, Proposals for hosting APNIC 26 and AC meeting
16 August(45.9 KB)APNIC fee structure review, ASO AC election, new Ballot paper
19 July(83.0 KB)Financial report for June 2007 (semi-annual report), IGF workshops
09 July(107.4 KB)A special meeting of the APNIC EC with Randy Bush, the co-Chair of the APNIC Fees Working Group and consultants from KPMG to discuss APNIC fee structures.
21 June(96.9 KB)Letter to RIR boards, IPv4 consumption, KPMG fee structure review
17 May(121.1 KB)APNIC response to RIR boards regarding proposed letter to ICANN, Insurance levels for APNIC, Thanks to Gerard Ross
17 April(121.2 KB)Fee implications of the IPv6 HD ratio change, Member Survey response.
15 March(119.1 KB)Officeholders election, Fee implications of the IPv6 HD-Ratio change, ICANN contract.
27 February(100.8 KB)Draft budget for 2007, APNIC member survey, APNIC fee structure, Meeting with ISPAI.
16 February(53.1 KB)Draft budget for 2007, annual financial report for 2006, discussion of the resource certification project
12 January(103.3 KB)Draft budget for 2007, APNIC fee structure, Member survey update, ICANN/NRO/IGF status updates, EC nominations.


12 December(104.6 KB)Draft budget for 2007, APNIC fee structure, Member survey, ICANN/NRO/IGF status updates, Appointment of NRO NC member for 2007, Policy endorsements
15 November(50.9 KB)APNIC fee structure, Member survey, ICANN/NRO status, IGF update.
13 October(49.7 KB)Member survey, Fee structure, ICANN/NRO status, IGF update.
05 September(68.9 KB)ICANN/NRO status, IGF update, Member survey, APNIC 22 SIG proposals, Proposal to host APNIC 24, APNIC staff structure.
11 August(54.9 KB)APNIC fee structure proposal, ICANN/NRO status, IGF update, Member survey.
14 July(61.2 KB)ICANN/NRO status, IGF update, Approval of policy decision, Proposal to host APNIC 24, APNIC 23 security checklist.
12 May(46.1 KB)ICANN/NRO status, IGF update.
21 April(49.7 KB)Membership Agreement, mailing list established to discuss the fee structure reforms.
17 March(55.2 KB)IAB statement on IANA RFI, ITU membership, dotAsia, Nomination of staff to EC.
28 February(74.8 KB)Draft budget for 2006, Review of APNIC Annual Report 2006, Fee structure proposal, Update on NIR in India, APNIC 22 proposal, APNIC meeting reformat.
17 February(51.8 KB)Financial report for January 2006, Draft budget for 2006, ICANN/NRO status, WSIS update.
13 January(53.4 KB)Location for APNIC 22, Fee structure proposal.


19 December(53.4 KB)Brisbane office development opportunity, Message from KRNIC/NIDA, Proposal for salary review of Director General.
25 November(60.7 KB)EC endorsement of APNIC 20 policy proposals, Next EC election, Appointment of AC member
19 October(53.0 KB)RIR region change, ICANN/NRO status, WSIS update.
06 September(83.3 KB)2005 Semi-annual Financial report, APNIC 20 SIG proposals, IPv6 fee, ICANN/NRO status
19 August(48.4 KB)Congratulations to Jun Murai for Postel award, Online voting system, ICANN/NRO status
13 July(45.9 KB)ISOC membership, Online Voting Trial
10 June(45.9 KB)Online Voting Trial, ICANN/NRO status, APNIC Member Meeting.
13 May(51.3 KB)Secretariat staffing changes, Special allocation policies for African members, Approval of policy decisions
15 April(56.1 KB)IPv6 fee proposal, ICANN/NRO status, Meetings in China, NIR fee information.
11 March(53.9 KB)EC officeholders election, Recent /8 allocation, ICANN’s public call for comments on policy proposal.
22 February(88.2 KB)Audited annual financial report for 2004, Forward plan and budget for 2005, Proposed visit to China in March, MyAPNIC voting system, Review of APNIC 20 proposals, EC election.
28 January(56.0 KB)RIR response to ICANN strategic plan, WGIG discussion, Discussion of GAC liaison, APDIP igov project and mailing list.


15 December(75.7 KB)Selection of AC member, WGIG discussion.
19 November(61.1 KB)Election of APNIC’s AC member, EC endorsement of APNIC 18 policy decisions, NIR Fee structure.
08 October(48.4 KB)Korean Internet governance meeting, ICANN/NRO Status, Afghanistan NIR.
17 September(44.4 KB)Financial report for August 2004, ICANN Status
31 August(67.4 KB)Stakeholders’ survey, Review of APNIC 18 proposals, NIR fee schedule, Korean Internet legislation.
16 July(51.6 KB)Budget update, Minimum allocation for African economies in APNIC region.
11 June(51.9 KB)AC transition plan, Stakeholders Survey, APNIC tax status renewal, Authority to sign APNIC membership agreements.
14 May(122.8 KB)New membership fee schedule, EC approval for APNIC 17 consensus policy decisions, VNNIC NIR status.
08 April(50.3 KB)Stakeholders survey proposal, Payment of dues to ICANN.
12 March(50.1 KB)ICANN status, APNIC 18, DotAsia bid update.
24 February(88.6 KB)Annual financial report for 2003, Forward plan and draft budget for 2004, Confederation member issue, Korean Internet legislation, DG’s contract.
16 February(41.8 KB)Online voting system, Meeting proposals for APNIC 18.
16 January(56.0 KB)Draft budget for 2004, Meeting proposals for APNIC 18, Online voting for APNIC 17.


24 December(65.5 KB)Approval for APNIC 17 Consensus Policy Decisions, IPv6 policy issue, Report from WSIS, Payment to ICANN.
18 November(51.1 KB)Appointment of NRO EC MoU, IPv6 allocation policy, Update from recent WSIS meeting.
17 October(47.9 KB)Consideration of Adoption of NRO MoU, IPv6 Allocation Policy.
12 September(53.6 KB)Consideration of Adoption of NRO MoU, Review of MyAPNIC voting system, Proposal to host APNIC meeting in 2004, NRO Number Council selection procedures.
18 August(138.1 KB)Review of APNIC policy proposals, ICANN status, AC election procedure, Cooperative agreement on Korea root server trial project.
14 July(49.1 KB)Budget update, Address Council election.
13 June(59.8 KB)Revised budget for 2003, NIR contract, Proposed reactivation fee, IETF letter to the RIRs.
08 May(51.3 KB)ICANN status, NIR contract.
16 April(51.4 KB)Travel in SARS affected regions, ICANN Status.
14 March(48.0 KB)EC officeholders election, ICANN Status.
25 February(102.7 KB)2002 Annual Financial Report, Forward Plan and Budget for 2003, APNIC Annual Report 2002, Review of policy and document review process, Review of voting system, Relationship between RIRs and IETF, Review of VNNIC’s application.
30 January(61.0 KB)APNIC 16 meeting proposals, NIR application, Investment portfolio, Budget for 2003, Geoff Huston resigns as Secretary.


20 December(60.1 KB)APNIC meeting proposals, AC voting system, Research scientist position.
14 November(53.9 KB)New NIR application process, Root server MoU, ICANN status.
21 October(49.4 KB)NIR application process, Fee structure for experimental allocations.
03 September(66.0 KB)Semi-annual financial report, Budget status update, ICANN reform, AC election options, NIR criteria and policies, Spam issues, Details of AC/EC meeting.
19 July(75.1 KB)Semi-annual financial and budget report, ICANN status and next steps, APNIC policy making structure, APNIC NIR structure – next steps, Financial support for ICANN board member, IPv6 fee structure for NIRs, APNIC non-member fee structure. 8. Update on APIA/APRICOT merger
14 June(50.5 KB)IPv6 fee structure, Formalising the issue of EC confidentiality, Confirm IETF.
17 May(54.4 KB)IPv6 policy implementation and fee structure, AC election procedure, ICANN issues (proposed budget, contract).
19 April(56.3 KB)EC officeholders election, Approval of the new IPv4 document, Update of the ICANN contract, Movement of members between NIRs and RIR.
04 March(82.7 KB)Financial report for 2001, Forward plan and Budget for 2002, APNIC Annual Report 2001, RIR-ICANN contract, ICANN structure proposal, Review of proposals for next APNIC Open Policy Meeting.
15 February(63.5 KB)EC response to Member Survey, Draft budget for 2002, Non-member resource services agreement, EC Conflict of Interest policy, Update on ICANN contract.
11 January(46.0 KB)Draft financial report for 2001, EC response to member survey, Budget items for 2002, AP Outreach Proposal, ICANN contract.


09 November(51.4 KB)Financial report for October 2001, ICANN-RIR relationship agreement, APNIC Ltd windup.
28 August(69.6 KB)Semi-annual financial report, ccTLD and domains, Member survey, Document review policy, Review of policy proposals, APRICOT, NIRs, AC Election, Founding member logos.
27 July(90.8 KB)Member/Stakeholder Survey, Membership Structure, Document Review Policy, Action on ccNIC.NET domains.
06 June(45.6 KB)Status report on previous action items, NIR membership structure, APNIC Ltd deregistration, Member survey.
12 April(35.0 KB)Officeholder elections, TW meeting cost analysis, APNIC structure and staffing matters (discussion).
26 February(40.5 KB)Review budget 2001, Status of the APNIC Seychelles company, APNIC corporate insurance documents, TWNIC proposal, NIR fee and membership structure.
07 February(35.7 KB)Budget for 2001, ICANN issues, Membership structure (response to KRNIC).


01 December(26.8 KB)ICANN ad hoc group, Status of AC, Policy changes, Review of member contribution and vote counts by Country, Proposal for a whole day EC meeting during APRICOT, APRICOT/incorporation and APNIC.
24 October(50.5 KB)Preparation for OPM, RIR-ICANN – contract, Confederation issues.
16 July(89.0 KB)Revised budget and 2000, Investment options, APNIC projects and activities.
23 June(18.8 KB).arpa Domain, ICANN Reconsideration, Internet Domain Name Issues, Announcement about EC Changes.
22 May(22.8 KB)Vacant EC position filled, Changes to EC membership, APNIC investment strategy, New Projects.
07 April(36.7 KB)Appointment of officeholders, AC Election process, Issues from AP* retreat (Seoul), APNIC support for At-Large membership drive?, APNIC support for AP* secretariat, AP-Star nomination process for ICANN board seats.
28 February(27.1 KB)Financial Report 1999, APNIC Work Plan 2000, Budget 2000.


24 June(55.4 KB)Status overview, strategic planning, Membership Fee Structure, ICANN / ASO Proposal, IPv4 Policy Document.
05 March(42.4 KB)1998 Annual Report, Legal and Tax Status, Meeting Voting Procedures, 1998 Budget, 1999 Budget, Membership fee proposal, Policy Document, Confederation Memberships, ICANN ASO, IPv6.