Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are formed with a focus on a particular subject area.  SIGs provide an open public forum to discuss topics of interest to APNIC and the Internet community in the Asia Pacific region. Face-to-face SIG meetings are held at APNIC Meetings, which are held twice per year. SIGs are chaired by members of the community with relevant knowledge and expertise.

Active SIGs

Policy SIG

sig-policy Mailing List archive | Subscribe to sig-policy

National Internet Registry (NIR) SIG

sig-nir Mailing List archive | Subscribe to sig-nir

  • Matters relevant to NIRs.

Cooperation SIG

sig-cooperation Mailing List archive | Subscribe to sig-cooperation

  • Matters relevant to broader Internet issues like Public Policy and Internet Governance.

Routing Security/RPKI/* SIG

  • Draft – Forum for discussion about broader Internet routing topics including RPKI, IRRd, etc. which are very much related to network operators.

SIG Guidelines

For more information about the creating and running of Special Interest Groups, including explanations of all relevant SIG policies and procedures, please see the SIG guidelines: HTML or PDF (108.4kb).

Working Groups (WGs)

Working Groups (WGs) may be formed around a particular work item and exist only as long as it takes to complete the task(s).

See a list of APNIC Working Groups.

Birds of a Feather (BOF)

Birds of a Feather (BOF) meetings are convened to informally exchanging information and discuss new ideas or particular issues. They can be proposed and convened at short notice and there is no formal requirement for submission of papers or posting to mailing lists. However, the results of BOFs are reported to the Member Meeting session of each APNIC Meeting.