Online voting terms and conditions

APNIC Elections will be accessible through MyAPNIC using the BigPulse voting system.

APNIC Members need to login to MyAPNIC using two-factor authentication to vote online. Online voting may be used during:

  • Executive Council elections
  • NRO Number Council elections
  • Other online voting events

Non-Member account holders are not eligible to vote online.

APNIC online voting terms and conditions

  • Online voting is available only through MyAPNIC
  • Online voting is available only for current Member organizations
  • Online voting is available only to the following Member contacts registered within MyAPNIC:
    • Corporate Contacts
    • Authorized contacts with voting rights given by Corporate Contacts
  • An online vote cannot be withdrawn after it has been submitted
  • Every ballot is confidential
  • The following information is recorded for audit purposes:
    • The Member and individual person submitting the ballot
    • The number of votes submitted
    • The time the ballot was submitted
    • The IP address of the voter
    • The specific choice exercised by the voter is not linked to any voter’s identity
    • A vote verification page listing receipt numbers of all votes submitted. This allows voters to verify that their votes have been submitted anonymously
  • A ballot that is submitted is deemed to be representative of the APNIC Member in whose name it is submitted.
  • APNIC takes no responsibility for ballots submitted by individuals who are no longer authorized by the APNIC Member organization.

About voting rights

By default, all Corporate Contacts have voting rights. Corporate Contacts can assign voting rights to other authorized contacts.

To find out if you are an authorized contact for your organization, please talk to your Corporate Contact or the APNIC Helpdesk.

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