How many votes is your organization allowed?

The Membership tier determines the total number of votes available to each APNIC Member. Votes may be shared between any combination of Corporate Contact, other authorized contact(s) with assigned voting rights, and proxy holders.

Example: How can a Small tier Member vote if there are three (3) Executive Council (EC) positions to fill?

A Small tier Member is entitled to cast four (4) votes for each of three (3) candidates. If you wish to upgrade your Membership tier, please contact Member Services prior to the opening of online voting to ensure your new voting entitlement is reflected correctly.

Vote online: Each voter can cast a minimum of one (1) vote to a maximum of four (4) votes for each candidate. If only one (1) vote is cast (used), the remaining three (3) votes can be cast again before the voting is closed.

Each voter must apply their vote(s) to at least one (1) candidate up to a maximum of three (3) candidates, three being the number of EC positions available in this example.

You are allowed to vote for fewer candidates than there are positions available. Therefore, if there are three EC positions to be elected, it is acceptable to vote for less than three candidates.

Membership tier Number of votes
Associate 1
Very small 2
Small 4
Medium 8
Large 16
Very large 32
Extra large 64