Assigning a proxy

The EC elections will take place during APNIC 57. APNIC members may vote via MyAPNIC using two-factor authentication. Online voting opens for APNIC Members on Friday, 16 Feb 2024 and proxy online voting opens on Friday, 01 Mar 2024.

The final list of nominees has been published on the APNIC 57 website.

Assigning a proxy to vote on your behalf

An APNIC Member is entitled to attend and vote at an APNIC conference. If you do not plan to attend the conference, you may appoint a person to attend and vote on your behalf as your proxy.

Only a Corporate Contact of the Member organization may appoint a proxy to vote on their behalf at an APNIC election. The proxy need not be a Member of APNIC, but the appointed proxy holder will only be permitted to vote online during the AGM. Specific details regarding these elections are published on the relevant APNIC conference website.

Appointment as a proxy differs from being assigned voting rights. A proxy appointment is valid only for a single election. Assigned voting rights remain in place until they are changed or removed by the Member’s Corporate Contact.

Corporate Contacts can appoint a proxy online via MyAPNIC using two-factor authentication when proxy appointment is open. The online form in MyAPNIC is processed instantly once submitted. Confirmation emails are sent to the appointed proxy and the Corporate Contact after the proxy appointment form is submitted via MyAPNIC.