How to vote in APNIC EC elections

If you are an eligible voter in the APNIC Executive Council (EC) election, you can vote online using MyAPNIC.

Vote online

Online voting is only available to APNIC Members.

By default, the APNIC Corporate Contacts are the only contacts who can vote. However, the Corporate Contact may assign the voting rights to other authorized contacts to vote on their behalf.

Online voting is only accessible via MyAPNIC. To vote online, you must login to MyAPNIC using two-factor authentication.

The voting section in MyAPNIC is only visible while the online voting is open. Online  voting in APNIC EC elections opens approximately two weeks before the AGM.  Specific details regarding these elections are published on the relevant APNIC conference website.

An online vote cannot be withdrawn after it has been submitted. APNIC takes no responsibility for online votes submitted by users who are no longer authorized by the APNIC Member organization.

For more information about voting, please refer to the EC voting FAQs and APNIC online voting terms and conditions.